[Accepted] "There`s no end" Insulting/Harassive Behaviour

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[Accepted] "There`s no end" Insulting/Harassive Behaviour

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Nickname in-game : "There`s no end"
STEAM ID of this person (type status in the console) : STEAM_0:1:17181112
PROOF (Screenshot, record) : http://img97.imageshack.us/g/hl2011041815140681.png/
Facts noticed : I believe this guy was kicked for harassment by an undercover admin named "Volcom" but he later returned and went on insulting like before. Obviously the kick didn't help at all since he continued to act up with a harassive behaviour and insult.

"bloker hijo puta" = blocker son of a whore
"seguro que tienes una polla en la boca ahora" = sure you have a cock in her mouth now (he was referring to someones mother)
"seguro que tu pesas mas que yo" and "subnormal" = in other words "fatass" and "retard"
"la experencia me la da tu madre" = the experience of your mother (rough translation)
"no tu novio negro" = No your black boyfriend (he referred to the guy that called him a blocker)
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Re: "There`s no end" Insulting/Harassive Behaviour

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STEAM_0:1:17181112 - There's no end - Strike 1 + a 96H ban

- Harassment
- Insulting

Thanks for the report.

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