[Accepted] request to ban

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[Accepted] request to ban

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Nickname in-game : recien formateda q vengo xd
STEAM ID of this person : 250 STEAM_0:1:15140158 0 1:13:59 58 0
PROOF (Screenshot, record) : http://www.mediafire.com/?les83rkbnn8b8fj
Facts noticed : this player starts to block , everytime a joing the server and he block not just me everyone , in the demo i made , i blocked 3 times one time he blocks all people , block to the serviver can kill everyone pls ban he i blocks every one and all the time , ban he a month permanet , if u dont ban i keep doing over and over again .
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Re: request to ban

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STEAM_0:1:15140158 - recien formateda q vengo xd - Strike 3 (permban)
- Abuse
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