[Accepted] Sponk harrassing

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[Accepted] Sponk harrassing

Post by Lien~ »

Name ingame : Sponk
Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:16124374

We were just starting the new map, so it was a freeday. He got killed and started flaming out of the blue :S
Dont know if the link works, otherwise i have the snaps in my map :)

Laprot, KoD and Satan were ingame, but satan was AFK and lappy and KoD havent seen him typing this.

With love...

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Re: Sponk harrassing

Post by KoD »

Wow I have not seeing him say this indeed... Sorry!
If I did he would get an instant ban X-x
Eat the rude
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Re: Sponk harrassing

Post by QuickSilver »


STEAM_0:0:16124374 - Sponk - Strike 1 + 96h ban
- Harassment
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