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#1 Post [Partially Accepted] 4 records, 4 persons.
Nickname: Sony
STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:20082250

Nickname: $atan My 4ngel|><(((o>Sushi
STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:14631715

Nickname: Nubcake
STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:13855890

Nickname: (-.(-.-).-) / Player
STEAM ID: STEAM_0:138433166

Unfortuntly, i dont know how to make a spoiler.. so i will just post the screenshots of the ids here.

Read before downloading the demos!

Ct round one. Sony commanding unfairly, with alot of warnings. This happends in the middle of the record, after destiny had to go.

Ct round two. Satan teamkilling 2 people on purpose during deathrun, and i do suspect Nubcake for having wallhack at the end. If he does not, i want him to explain who ghosted him, and who told him everything.

Ct round three. Well, basicly this shows that Nubcake doesnt really have wallhack, but in fact is getting ghosted by diuz. They are brothers, and nubcake didnt kill diuz in the showers at the end, but he pre fired that zottan or whatever his name was, without having any idea about that he was there.

Ct round four. Even tho this is a very short record, there is actually happening alot here. A massive freekill by
(-.(-.-).-), plus a very hasty Nubcake that is commanding very fast, even if i told him to calm down. And as far as i know, commands must be understandable, and if you ask me, i didnt understand anything. But you have to trust me about this one, i KNOW that Player is
(-.(-.-).-). i am 100% sure, check his ID admins, check the logs, i dont care, i am very sure it was him.

Watching all these demos will take roughly about 25 min.


And here is all the proof i got that player is (-.(-.-).-). i didnt reach to press my J button (Triggers Status in console) in time so i could get his id.


I dont really know if any of these persons except (-.(-.-).-) will get a strike.. but this is all i got.

For Sony: Well, the rules says that you cant command so that other people will get an unfair advantage.. it is probally only worth a kick or something.. But please, just warn him or something, i dont want him to make the same mistake again.

For $atan My 4ngel|><(((o>Sushi: Well, he teamkilled me and veghan on purpose using the buttons in deathrun, and i dont accept that in any way. He is also slapping people alot without having thier permission. A strike would probally do. But its up to the admins.

For Nubcake and Diuz: These 2 boys i some real buggers when there is no admins/members on.. they make ravage, make other peoples gameplay worse, and also maybe make other people hate them for it. And they even ghost eachother because they are brothers.. and everyone also said it in one of the records. They give themselves special threatment, and tries to cheat in some games together. Give them both a warning atleast, thats all i require.

For (-.(-.-).-) / Player: You're going down with the dark iron baby.

Thank you for reading, watching, and juding this!


Sat Jan 22, 2011 4:52 pm
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#2 Post Re: 4 records, 4 persons.
Note: STEAM_0:0:13855890 = second acc of diuz, he used to play with both of them at the same time.


Sat Jan 22, 2011 5:51 pm
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#3 Post [Partially Accepted] Re: 4 records, 4 persons.
Demo 1: Nothing strike-worthy to be seen

Demo 2: $atan teamkills 2 CT's on purpose with DR-buttons and Tutlan is ghosting a lot. Also, Nubcake is either getting ghosted or has WH (I'm presuming the latter. According to Mati it's Diuz's second account, so my guess is he is ghosting himself.

Demo 3: Nubcake make a very dubious kill again during HnS, when a T stands in front of the secret place Diuz is at. Nubcake shooting him around the corner, in the head, and as far as I can see he definately knew someone was there (without having seen him go there).

Demo 4: (-.(-.-).-) mass-freekills.

Also, (-.(-.-).-) is not Player
The ID of (-.(-.-).-) is STEAM_0:0:14212040.

And last but not least: Do you have ANY idea how incredibly BORING it was to watch those demo's though.. :/



STEAM_0:0:13855890 - Nubcake - Strike 1 + 96h ban
- Ghosting

STEAM_0:1:13392883 - {PIX} Diuz - Strike 1 + 96h ban
- Ghosting

STEAM_0:0:14212040 - (-.(-.-).-) - Strike 1 + 96h ban
- Freekilling

Warning: $atan my 4ngel, do it again and it's a ban for you aswell!

.gif © Kwaakt

Sun Jan 23, 2011 4:30 pm
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