[Accepted] CallMeBaba__ (STEAM_0:1:41482794)

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CallMeBaba__ (STEAM_0:1:41482794)

Post by Optiway »

Nickname In-game : CallMeBaba__

ID : STEAM_0:1:41482794
Facts noticed : Provoking, Harass, Gun feeding, Team-Killing and Free-Killing.

Proof : http://imgur.com/RYVUXfK,SXTgltf,jO33Zo ... 3f,G91THrz

More details : So, for the first screenshot that you will see, I was playing as a CT, the round is over, when I spawned he shoot me in the head and said "THATS BECAUSE I'M A FATHER." so just after it, all the people were asking to ban this guy for Team killing (that's what you can see in the second screenshot) so Kris made a Ban vote (Yes we've decided to ban him because it's not the first time he does that on the same map). while the vote is loading he was saying "ye cry spel, cry more, cry a lot!!!" then sadly the vote was unsuccessful (people were pressing randomly), remember me (a mate) asked him to stop doing that, so he told him "you are a low man" pretty sure you know what he meant by that.
The guy was blocking the cells button so we can't access to the opening room and slashing us with his knife, also he was provoking Kris because he wanted to ban him for Team-killing, also he was spamming, saying that I'm sucking Kris's cock, and telling Kris that he will put a bullet in his ass.
For the 5th screenshot, me and kris were crouched and frozen under the order of Simon which is a CT, I don't remember the nick, I guess it was Vegeta (the VIP) so then, he said "Simon says it's not over, simon says crouch and follow me." Kris stood up for 2 second I not even more just to press the MOUSE3 and access to the nD menu to heal himself (as you know he can't press mouse3 while he's crouching) so CallMeBaba__ killed him directly, not even a warning bullets, I turned around while crouching he killed me too, when I tried to ask him why, he was only saying "SIMON SAYS SON" and things like "IM THE FATHER HERE" he also kept saying "cry pls" ect even when I warned him that I can report him lately, everyone of them were there and saw what happened, anyway, he's too lucky there was no members online, when Sparky left, he started rebelling as a CT.
What you can see in the screenshot number 8 is CallMeBaba__ saying "leave spel to me you asslick of kris" that's because I was playing as a CT, defending myself against armed Ts (Call & kris were between them) then Kris killed me, which means assist, but he started talking shit because he wanted to kill me first.
Passing to the screenshot number 9, so we were playing HNS, then everybody died, except two Ts and 3 CTs left, one of the Ts was hiding at the "CatchMeIfYouCan" room, CallMeBaba__ was searching for Ts to kill, so when he founded his friend he dropped his gun and let the T killing him, everybody was like "wtf are you doing" he answered "ye, I did a special treatement"
He was also asking to kill any T except Kris (still heinous because of the ban vote).
And for the last screenshot you can see that me and Kris were having a conversation then he came saying that I was sucking Kris cock.

He really pissed off everyone in the server, most of players left because of him, he wasn't using warning bullets, opening cells without permission, rebelling as a CT, blocking teammates, he made the game a god damn hell.
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Re: CallMeBaba__ (STEAM_0:1:41482794)

Post by Shadi »

STEAM_0:1:41482794 - CallMeBaba__ - Strike 0 + 48 hours ban
- Abuse (Rulebreaking - including team attacking, freekilling, special treatment and minor harassment)

Note: Checked his history, prior to this it was somewhat clean so I decided to just give him a cooldown ban for now. See if that helps.

Thanks for the report.

Edit: He was already on strike 2. I didn't know his history was so heavy, but it was in 2013 so imma refresh his second strike and make a longer ban of 168 hours

STEAM_0:1:41482794 - CallMeBaba__ - Strike 2 refreshed + 168 hours ban
- Abuse (Rulebreaking - including team attacking, freekilling, special treatment and minor harassment)

Thanks for the report again.
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