Report The Joker

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Report The Joker

Post by Puricarul »

Nickname in-game : The Joker :D
STEAM ID of this person (type status in the console) : STEAM_0:1:94558953
PROOF (Screenshot, record) : ... fin_nd.dem ... fin_nd.dem
Facts noticed : Teamkilling , not respecting the current commander day order . Every demo watch it with 2-3 min before it finishes
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Re: Report The Joker

Post by M.A »

STEAM_0:1:94558953 - The Joker :D - Strike 1 + 72h ban
- Teamkilling
There has been several complaints and reports against you Joker and you've been warned by me but yet you show that you don't care.
@Puricarul, I've informed you that a screenshot must be taken when reporting a person.

Thank you for reporting!
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