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Post by KING SNEL »

Nickname in-game : SneL
STEAM ID of this person (type status in the console) : STEAM_0:0:17575971
PROOF (Screenshot, record) : No proof but we all know im an ass pls permban i feel good now i feel like i can touch god, god is good hes my friend and we gonna fix dis. no troll pls ban
Facts noticed : much freekills much tk much harass strike 3 request
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Re: SneL

Post by Decency »


We all know SneL has been a huge troll for quite some now, he has been sneaky with his harassment and he is constantly ignoring warnings from several members and admins. We've gathered evidence from the chat logs as well and decided you crossed the final line.

STEAM_0:0:17575971 - SneL - Strike 3 + Permanent ban.
- Abuse (Harassing/Trolling/Bad CT)
I felt as this thread belongs in the trash section anyway, sorry if you mind this post
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Re: SneL

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Re: SneL

Post by PiPi »

rest in pic
Med kärlek...
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Re: SneL

Post by uhu »

everyone who posted in this topic just got a 1 day ban


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