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Re: "Olle" "Rin" " Treyarch`"

Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2014 10:34 pm
by Lien~

The outcome will be different as all 3 broke different rules and the severity of them is nothing alike. Also, olle mainly done what he did to try to calm the situation down (multiple people told me he'd teamkilled back to stop Rin from doing it - Nevertheless, it doesn't justify his behaviour completely). Therefore;

STEAM_0:1:79608630 - Rin - Strike 1 + 120 hour ban + the same for his other 2 accounts; STEAM_0:1:66278190 and STEAM_0:0:34022947
- Abuse (Teamkilling and trying to deliberately ruin the game for other people)


STEAM_0:0:33452570 - olle - No Strike/48 hour CT ban
- Abuse (Teamkilling)


STEAM_0:1:58398806 - Treyarch`- Strike 1 + 240 hour ban
- Abuse (Teamkilling/Freekilling/Harass/Insulting and being a d*ck in general)

Thanks for the report and the additional proof!