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#1 Post[Accepted] Freekiller... MASS FREEKILLER
Nickname in-game : Lollieh #mY.RuN
STEAM ID of this person (type status in the console): STEAM_0:0:20817949
PROOF (Screenshot, record) : and and on flyhigh

Facts noticed :

I joined the server and this Lollieh guy was CT. I saw him mass freekill. He freekilled about 20 people just for getting the "triggerhappy" achievement.
Lollieh freekilled and were rulebreaking. He did not warn when we did something wrong or delayed, he just instantly shot us and killed us.
On the 2 first screenshots (I think) is when he was simon and massfreekilled. He said crouch and follow me and after that he killed everyone that only crouched and did not follow him..

As I heard, xeonn got massivly freekilled by him. I got no proof by that, but I have only heard it.

Thanks Kaito for the .dem files :D I did not record them, Kaito did :P

Grtz Endri


Mon Apr 21, 2014 9:26 pm

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#2 Post Re: Freekiller... MASS FREEKILLER
i was there too he freekilled me too and he was doing it on purpose to get achievement

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Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:09 pm
neonDragon Admin
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#3 Post Re: Freekiller... MASS FREEKILLER
OK so there are a few incidents over these demos which I will address.

The "Simon says crouch and follow me" command Lollieh issued and then killed the Ts who were crouching inside the cage. Yes the Ts Lollieh killed inside the cage were freekilled as there was no previous simon says command (meaning they can do anything they want providing they don't leave the cage), they only followed part of the command and did not leave the cage - thus they are not failing the game and cannot be killed.

Two rounds after this (where there is about 1 minute left on the round), Lollieh commands a round, starts a /cd and then kills everyone outside of the cage. This is extremely lame as you should give ample time for terrorists to reach the cage and most commanders will extend the original countdown by a few more seconds to allow stragglers to reach the cage. As far as I can see from the demo though, he kills people still in their cell (it's difficult to see who he is actually shooting but judging from his aim I would surmise this.) and attempts to kill those not actually heading to the cage (one person to the far left of the cage). It is clear his behaviour on this round is driven by his desire to get the achievement however I see no actual rulebreaking and just lame behaviour.

On the next demo, on flyhigh, we see a round where he commands a table jump game. 1 T is killed during this game for leaving the wall (acceptable, you're told as a condition of the game you cannot leave the wall). Now to the bit where there is some controversy. 1 person completes the game and the failers (of which there are 5) are killed - with one T who has yet to attempt the game alive. The issue here is that there is a rule which states "The elimination of Ts within a game has to be proportional (a T winning a small game can't eliminate 10 others at once)". Now the real question here is, what is considered proportional? We have 8 Ts at the start of the game, 1 dies instantly for not abiding by the rules of the game leaving 7. Personally I would like to see 2 survivors from 7 however I don't know whether I would call the elimination of 6 of those 7 disproportional or not.

Lollieh: I think your biggest problem is your attitude. Just yesterday you really irritated me by insisting that I had freekilled you for leaving the cage after the commander died and you refused to accept my explanation that it was a rule you had to continue following the previously issued command for 20 seconds after a commander dies and continued to badger and harass me the entire round when I was trying to command. Similarly in these demos after being told you've done wrong you try to argue with the accusers instead of asking them to further explain why you did wrong and then accept and educate yourself so you don't make the same mistakes again.

You do yourself no favours by having these confrontations with people and only succeed in alienating yourself from the rest of the server. I suggest you have a proper read of the "Rewritten and extended: nD* Jail Guide" here: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=4024 - these rules are the definitive rules used on the server as the /rules are not always kept up-to-date. I suggest that when informed of rules by members/admins that you accept what they tell you and if you are in-doubt then make a post asking for clarification in the "Small questions topic" (viewtopic.php?f=40&t=3671)


Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:33 pm
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#4 Post Re: Freekiller... MASS FREEKILLER
I also noticed this(the first map) and once I noticed it, I told Lollieh that he freekilled and he kept on insisting that he didn't freekill. I think Lollieh is occasionally a good CT but he can't admit when he is wrong and he is extremely trigger happy.

As for the flyhigh, since their were 7 players, keeping 2/3 alive would be "proportional" but I'd say that 2 is acceptable aslong as they get to do another activity such as football. Like the CT/T ratio. Lollieh also, most of the times doesn't pay attention and REGULARLY but not always, freehits. An example of this was on flyhigh when we were going from the cage to the door on the left of the cage towards the disco part, we were told to silent walk and he just randomly shot the guy at the front(whom I was behind) and I was a little confused of why he done that.

He also started freekilling on the first map at the end of the map too because he wanted to hit "40 kills for the map". He clearly knows the rules but is delibrately ignoring them, he has a bad attitude towards some players and can be cocky at times too..


Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:24 pm
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#5 Post Re: Freekiller... MASS FREEKILLER
STEAM_0:0:20817949 - Lollieh # mY.RuN - Strike 1 + 96 hour ban.
- Abuse (Mass freekilling and being a smartass about it).

I suggest you start following the rules because you are starting to get on everyone's nerves. Being a smartass about it doesn't make it any better either, if all it makes you look even more like a fool. So please, read the rules -see Konijn's post- and allow yourself to abide by them.

Also, this is not the first time you've been put on your spot in regards to your freekilling escapades. You were warned -close to getting banned- yesterday by not only me but other admins/members as well. Hearing that you freekilled just after I left to get your achievement was a right slap in the face. The achievement has been blocked by now -for everyone- and if things like this happen in the future too, your cash will be set to a minus.

And yes, I can safely admit that I've been keeping my eye on you for a while now without feeling bad about it, in the end its you and your own behaviour that made me do so and that led to this outcome.

Thanks for the report.

Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:30 pm
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