Erizer (hai)

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Erizer (hai)

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Plot: Basically what happened was i got on the server with a friend, he wanted me to help him try out something. A couple of mins passed and a couple of people came by and left here and then. When Erizer (hai) joins the server, it starts to flip out. I tried to open up the cells as a ct, but he was blocking and thereby i killed him and the round continued for a few more secs. Right after that, Erizer joins ct's and instantly teamkills me. He tries and succeeds a couple of more times, without any further reason...

After i went t, i was freekilled 10 times in a row instantly when cells opened. Not sure if he continued, (here's where i snapped and went to report him). Anyways, below you'll find proof and info.

I decided to stop recording after a few freekills since it's morning and i haven't slept shit tonight, have some prints of witnesses lolz.

Nickname in-game : Erizer, then he changed to hai when i started recording.
STEAM ID of this person (type status in the console) : STEAM_0:0:62511152
PROOF (Screenshot, record) :
Facts noticed : ALOT of teamkilling and freekilling.

4 prints below:
OT: The ironic part is that this guy recently requested a ban on some guy for teamkilling... -->

EDIT: Adding one more pic.
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Re: Erizer (hai)

Post by Veghan »

He is a Fa player and comes to nD just fo Fk/teamattack or just to chill around (i have nothing against FA people but against FA people that think they can do everything on our servers) He is really not the right person to be in the CT team. More then once did people call me but when i came on he always stopped with it. Unless today he just started to fk me too. (I didn't record or took a screenshot since i didn't expect it).

Started to harass me too:
10:55 - Eriizer: wtf are u doing?
10:55 - Eriizer: fucking abuser man
10:55 - ~Veghan: report me if you want
10:55 - Eriizer: i will
10:55 - Eriizer: fucking noob
Ct banned for 4 hours by Veghan~
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Re: Erizer (hai)

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In case you guys don't know Erizer = Scorpion (that should save the admins some minutes of crosschecking)
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Re: Erizer (hai)

Post by Maki »

STEAM_0:0:62511152 - Eriizer - 100 hours CT ban
- Teamkilling & Freekilling

I had refreshed his strike one month ago for teamkilling aswell and he just repeats it even more severely this time. I've given him a CT ban without a strike and next time it'll be a permanent ban.

Thank you for the report!

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