[Declined] [Jail] Ban: "Infected Sushi" "Player" "Zlatan/String"

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[Jail] Ban: "Infected Sushi" "Player" "Zlatan/String"

Post by CrooDar »

Nickname in-game :
-Infected Sushi

STEAM ID of this person (type status in the console) :

PROOF (Screenshot, record) :
Demo 1: Player,Infected Sushi,Zlatan = http://speedy.sh/mxX7N/zlatan.dem
Demo 2: Zlatan/String !Sell VIP Add me! = http://speedy.sh/fzchk/string2.dem

Facts noticed :

Demo 1
-Infected Sushi is constantly freekilling only "Zlatan" for a supposed reason of "Zlatan" abusing, which i must say was true especially for previous maps before this which i do not have footage of.
-Zlatan abuses his VIP to kill some of the CT members and also to kill his teammate purposely i don't exactly know.
-Player, in the second map of two in the demo, freekills me twice very clearly with one instance being in an LR situation where i chose "Maths" He also freekills another two people within the demo.
-Zlatan also exchanges swedish messages (i think) between a member of the T and some people in the server all throughout the demo, whether it is relevant i do not know as i do not know swedish.

Demo 2
-"String" who i believe to be the same person as "Zlatan" again abuses his VIP power and causes a delay with a terrorists LR as he flees to the rooftop and hides with weapons he used from his VIP powers.
-You can hear him using the guns whilst i am commanding the rest of the Ts and uses weapons against me when i go to find him near towards the end of the demo.
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Re: [Jail] Ban: "Infected Sushi" "Player" "Zlatan/String"

Post by Maki »


Fairly old proof considering I already permanently banned one of them for banevading roughly 11 days ago. I am not going to give any kind of punishment this late into it.

Thanks for the report anyway..

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