[Accepted] NoName Harassment

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NoName Harassment

Post by bis »

Nickname in-game : NoName
STEAM ID of this person (type status in the console) : STEAM_0:0:20904017
PROOF (Screenshot, record) :

Facts noticed :
2 Rebellers walk up to the gun room and they both get killed, I kill 1 guy, (Andro) and the other guy claims I killed him for no reason, Then starts flaming me after a warn that it would do him no favors and will get him a report, he says something along the lines of I don't care and carries on.
If I'm being honest this guy was intentionally provoking people because as soon as he got killed he targeted me in the chat with 'VELI FREEKILL' 'VELI FUCKING FREEKILLER' so its not like this guy is new and generally harasses.
Additionally, provide a screenshot of the Steam-ID of the accused person.
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Re: NoName Harassment

Post by Lien~ »

STEAM_0:0:20904017 - NoName - 72 hour ban (No Strike)
- Abuse (Harassment)

He received his Strike 1 last week for mass freekilling and by looking at the logs this was most likely a severe moment of weakness. He has not been told to behave -if all, he got provoked which only made it worse- and as such I refuse to Strike him for it.

For future references; If this guy gets reported once more for Harassment (and the proof/logs contain similar outbursts as here) it will result in an instant Strike 2 as he now basically 'got away' with some very nasty behaviour.

Thanks for the report.

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