["Accepted"] Freekilling when no member online!


["Accepted"] Freekilling when no member online!

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R4fik - aka Spilter in this demo is freekilling and such things!

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Re: Freekilling when no member online!

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I've been switching R4fik for:
- Jumping close to the terrorists intentionally to provoke them, dieing and gunfed.
- Interfering with the game, lines up at walls together with the other terrorists (between them, died and gunfed.)
- Freekilled peoples due to lack of rule knowledge.
- Plays around, doesn't even have a mic.

Also, he got a 1h ct ban and just 6 minutes ago a 72h Ct-ban today since I was done with him. Just a couple of note points to the admins.
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Re: Freekilling when no member online!

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I helped Apman abit and I also told him to report on forums as I had no demo.. this guy constantly freekills. Romeo came on to warn him and stop him for once but then he changed his name and came back causing chaos once again.. I think this guy defo deserves a ban.. always freekilling/teamkilling.

EDIT: I've a screenshot of 'Splinter' teamkilling not sure if its too clear but I guess this could be shown as proof.
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Re: Freekilling when no member online!

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To add to what is displayed above, I have noticed him doing the stupidest things possible, such as running into a cage full of t's and trying to knife them, dying, setting off a chain reaction in which the full ct team died.. He clearly has very very little rule knowledge and should not be allowed on CT team until he displays he is capable of coping with such responsibility
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Re: Freekilling when no member online!

Post by Shadi »

STEAM_0:1:7450151 - Splinter - CT Ban added

Successfully banned STEAM_0:1:7450151 for 168 hours from the CT Team.

As he does most harm as a CT let's see how it goes and if he could start liking the server while playing as a T. What he did was strikeworthy but he seemed ticked off so maybe a long cooldown will do the trick.

Thanks for the report.

Also, only post if you have proof.
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