["Accepted"] Reporting `hostilE. freekilling!

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["Accepted"] Reporting `hostilE. freekilling!

Post by Proffset' »

Nickname in-game : `hostilE.
STEAM ID of this person (type status in the console) : STEAM_0:1:28944500
PROOF (Screenshot, record) : http://speedy.sh/xnydq/osasisbya.dem http://speedy.sh/5vQK8/somethinghostile.dem
Facts noticed : Freekilling, might not know rules.


Osasisbya: Watch from 28.30. 29.00. 30.25 maybe? 34.35, 35.55, had sparta day,52.30
Somethinghostile: 03.00, 04.25
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Re: Reporting `hostilE. freekilling!

Post by Lien~ »

Yesterday he freekilled a few people in jb_temple. I asked him for an explanation but he refused to give me one. Andy asked him to read the chat but he said 'he couldn't be bothered''. I warned him for it, told him to just calm down and warnshoot when needed. A few minutes later he team-killed 2 people because they were stuck in each other. I slayed, then switched him for that and told him to stay T so he could learn how it works around here. Regardless of that I handled it in game, I thought it would be best to add it as additional proof. It clearly shows he doesn't want to learn and somehow refuses to pay attention to what really goes on around here. Now I am not saying a strike is in its place per se, he might change when Shadi (for example) kicks some sense to him (:
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Re: Reporting `hostilE. freekilling!

Post by Shadi »

Shadi wrote:"Accepted"
STEAM_0:0:30666042 - ByaKugan - 120 hours CT ban
- Freehitting/shooting

Proff, some of your proof is very questionable and you seem to try too hard to get him banned.

For the rest of the demos most of these accidental freekills happen for many, and in some cases where it did seem more intended there were maybe 1-2 and rest very vague. To me it seems like he's more clueless as a CT and probably wouldn't do any harm as a T so I'm CT banning him. This will give him some time to think about his actions and observe better CTs for a while.
Pretty much that, but with this STEAM ID and name, so:

STEAM_0:1:28944500 - `hostilE. - 120 hours CT ban
- Freehitting/shooting

Note: Provide a screenshot with the STEAM ID please.
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