[Already banned] Rock on

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[Already banned] Rock on

Post by 058king »

Nickname in-game : Rock on

STEAM ID of this person (type status in the console) : its in a screenshot with the proof

PROOF (Screenshot, record) : 3 demo 1 screen http://speedy.sh/trjAv/rock-on.zip

Facts noticed: Harrasing ,Freekilling , Vent as Ct
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Re: Rock on

Post by Lucius »

Yours sincerely, Lucius
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Re: Rock on

Post by Shadi »

As Lucius said..

Already banned

  • Please don't use zip folders for pictures only, upload them on page like www.imgur.com and write out the Steam ID on the thread as well
  • Bring new/fresh proof instead of ancient proof always, there was no new proof of this guy as he has been banned for a while.
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