[Accepted] m0m0

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[Accepted] m0m0

Post by Pr0Gr4mm4 »

Nickname in-game : m0m0
STEAM ID of this person (type status in the console) : #10 "m0m0" 12 STEAM_0:0:31941203 3 48:14 24 0
PROOF (Screenshot, record) :
Facts noticed : harresing , threating

his steam id

als je 1x zaandam komt zie je wel : if you come 1 time to zaandam you'll see.
wie die internethelden zijn : who those internethero's are

kom vechten dan ik ben serieus : come fight im serieus
jij bent dood : your death

anani sikim pic : ill fuck your mom ( pic is kinda hard to explain but basicly means your mom is an whore)
yarak : dick

i told him to stop talk like this and he said :
etmiyom lan ( im not gonna do that (but how he said it was really negative) )
sanane pic (mind you own bussnis)( pic is kinda hard to explain but basicly means your mom is an whore )
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Re: m0m0

Post by Shadi »

STEAM_0:0:31941203 - m0m0 - Strike 2 + 168 hours ban (was on strike 1 before)
- Harassing.

Thanks for reporting!
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