[Declined] Eratic - Velokillraptor Ninja

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[Declined] Eratic - Velokillraptor Ninja

Post by tranceboy »

Nickname in-game : Eratic - Velokillraptor Ninja
STEAM ID of this person (type status in the console) :
# 8 "Eratic - Velokillraptor Ninja :" 31 STEAM_0:1:15105505 6 13:53 18
PROOF (Screenshot, record) :
Record #1: http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/70694566/file.html
Record #2: http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/86452683/file.html
Facts noticed : Harrasing in the mic from the terrorist team. He got kicked once, and then banned 30 minutes.
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Re: Eratic - Velokillraptor Ninja

Post by Coby »

i was the one who kicked and banned with the VIP..
he did it for like 2 min's.. i find it kinda usless to give him a strike/ban when he hasn't come back and done it again.
He was there for 2 min's..
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Re: [Declined] Eratic - Velokillraptor Ninja

Post by Spato »

It seems that after he was banned he hasn't cared to come back and continue trolling. I will let him go this time but if another similar report comes on this guy then my decision will be different next time.

Thank you for reporting and thank you Coby for taking care of the situation in-game!

AIK <3

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