[Accepted] "JaY^" Harassment

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[Accepted] "JaY^" Harassment

Post by Lien~ »

Ingame name : JaY^
Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:25775590

We were playing bananamuffin map.. Jay commanded a last man standing day. There were 10 Ts left yet he thought it was a good idea to get rid of 2 which in my opinion was unfair, since a last man standing day should be a day for all the Ts whom are alive. I told him you cannot do that, cuz thats unfair against the others. He told me to shhh. From that moment on he started to be annoying but for some reason he was a T out of the blue. Onec he was a T he started to harass every1.. For starting lesbians, flex, blabber, M.A, fury, azami his mother and me :/
I already talked with Mati about this, and i believe he already banned him, yet i thought it would be better to report him anyways, maybe others got proof about him aswell..

P.S in the end, after i told him he would get banned for his behaviour, he suddenly turned moods or something, cuz he out of a sudden said that it wasnt JaY^ that was playing but that he was his little brother playing on his account, lame excuse? Or just a way to get out of it.. i dont know, and frnakly i dont really care cuz his behaviour is unacceptable..


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Re: "JaY^" Harassment

Post by Mati »

Accepted (Strike 2 + 10 days ban)

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