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[Accepted] ban request - Smiley Face

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:06 pm
by Steam Guard Noob
ingame nick: Smiley_Face (STEAM_0:1:10482260)

reason:Freekilling,(disconnected quickly without giving any reasons to killing t's )

proof:pls do logcheck (around 20:30 GMT+2) couldnt record or screenshot at that time :| but you can cleary see what happened if you check server logs or my console

Also heres some console text starting from 2 freekills,

*** Smiley_Face killed QWiNtER^ClAN? with a headshot from deagle ***
*** Smiley_Face killed Steam Guard Noob with a headshot from deagle ***
Smiley_Face killed Makiavel aka Wassup with deagle
Makiavel aka Wassup : 2 must do it

Smiley_Face dropped
Smiley_Face has disconnected
Smiley_Face has left the game
Makiavel aka Wassup : by the way

Makiavel aka Wassup : 2 wont do it =/

*DEAD* .:gT#iSuck:. : hahahaha xD
*DEAD* Makiavel aka Wassup : wow

apapaoemama : kill him
Welcome to neonDragon Jailbreak! +++ Forums available at +++ Available commands: /rules, /vip, /info, /lrh*DEAD* Steam Guard Noob : wtf

apapaoemama : t
QWiNtER^ClAN? dropped
QWiNtER^ClAN? has disconnected (STEAM_0:0:31373649)
QWiNtER^ClAN? has left the game
*DEAD* .:gT#iSuck:. : its called freekilling

QWiNtER^ClAN? connected
[] No positive match found for QWiNtER^ClAN? (STEAM_0:0:31373649).
*DEAD* Runaway : wtfffff

QWiNtER^ClAN? is joining the Counter-Terrorist force
Joff^ : kill him
*DEAD* .:gT#iSuck:. : and leads to a ban

*DEAD* .:gT#iSuck:. : i hope

Joff^ : he did?
apapaoemama : kill em :X
Ceen : no ?
Master of FZ dropped
Master of FZ has disconnected (STEAM_0:0:17224686)
Master of FZ has left the game
Ceen : XD
Joff^ : last reaction
Ceen : i made it too xD
*DEAD* Makiavel aka Wassup : 1 must do it with 4 ppl

*DEAD* QWiNtER^ClAN? : /voice

*DEAD* Makiavel aka Wassup : since we got fked

*DEAD* Runaway : who killed those ts?

apapaoemama : i win

*DEAD* Makiavel aka Wassup : smiley face

Re: ban request - Smiley Face

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:16 pm
by Spato
Thank you for your report but it's quite needed to post pictures or demos of the offence. Even if you did not take a screen on when he did the actual freekillings you could take a screen of your console so we can see the text instead of copying like you did right now. We also need screen of the SteamID so just take screens of your console next time instead of copy + paste it.

Thank you for your help again.

Re: ban request - Smiley Face

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:29 pm
by Lien~
We were playing rehab, and the Ts were standing lined up inside the cage. This guy just came out of the blue and freekilled 3 people :/
@ first i thought ''ill save the SS for next time, to gather some more proof'', untill Mati told me his history.. Apparantly, this guy is been requested for a ban in another way, so therefor ill just add my little bit if proof. ... b0008.png/

With love...

Re: ban request - Smiley Face

Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 12:59 pm
by QuickSilver

STEAM_0:1:10482260 - Smiley_Face - Strike 2 + 168h ban
- Freekilling

The OP's proof isn't good enough, however Lientjuh's screenie is sufficient together with me checking his history.