[Accepted] Akilles harass/insult

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[Accepted] Akilles harass/insult

Post by Spiitzz »

Nickname in-game : Akilles

STEAM ID of this person : STEAM_0:1:35465051

PROOF : http://s1080.photobucket.com/albums/j33 ... ld0000.jpg

Facts noticed :

- Harassment
- Insulting
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Re: Akilles harass/insult

Post by Big H »

There are two pictures there when he spoke in swedish, just like to translate them, since spiitz diddnt:

Picture number 10, he said: "Lol, are you going to cry now, baby?"

Picture number 14 he said: "Ninja, blow me, srsly"
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Re: Akilles harass/insult

Post by uhu »


STEAM_0:1:35465051 - Akilles - Strike 3 + Perm ban
  • Flaming
  • Harassment
Thank you for reporting ;)

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