Plo --> Harassment and Rascism...

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Plo --> Harassment and Rascism...

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Ingame Name; Plo
Steam ID ; STEAM_0:0:2270130

We were playing tamama(with the suicide tower) when the map changed to jail_aj_bananamuffin; a guy named Plo -> STEAM_0:0:2270130 said NIGGA ingame. Later on when we were playing banana he continued saying the N word therefor Waffle warned him. After the warning he kept on going with harassing, saying bitches, motherfucker etc etc. Waffle kicked him for this behavior. 2 minutes later, he came back and joined the CT team, he started mic spamming with Hitler sh*t. He played a tape of Hitler saying sieg heil and talking the Hitler bs.. All the regulars reacted on it. He knew he was wrong so he disconnected immidiatly.

I added as much evidence as I could. Its not much, but maybe you can check the logs, since it went all so fast... ... nd001.png/
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Re: Plo --> Harassment and Rascism...

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One strike + 72h ban.

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