Brutal TK

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Brutal TK

Post by ZeRo#1 »

Nickname in-game : Brutal
STEAM ID of this person (type status in the console) : VALVE_0:4:2020056436
PROOF (Screenshot, record) : ss
Facts noticed : TK (ss)

He was constantly teamkilling his teammates and i told him all the time to stop it.
I used the /admin function and told him if he dont stop it i will Report him. I had no other Chance then to teamkill him too because he was breaking the rule round for round. And i used the rule that im allowed to tk if he do it and dont stop it. Sry for my tk but there was no other way out to let him stop it.
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Re: Brutal TK

Post by Lien~ »

VALVE_0:4:2020056436 - Brutal - Strike 1 + 72 hour ban + 150 hour CT ban.
- Abuse (Teamkilling + Minor Harassment).

Please could you refrain from teamkilling yourself? Doing it once to prove a point is fair enough, but the more you repeat it yourself to more angry you make the other person... resulting in it becoming a never ending battle.

Thanks for the report.

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