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#1 Post CANN || <3 (newmouse) & ayi
Nickname in-game : CANN || <3 (newmouse)

STEAM ID of this person: STEAM_0:0:35345294


Facts noticed :

- Harassment


Nickname in-game : ayi

STEAM ID of this person : STEAM_0:0:18626588


Facts noticed :

- Harassment

If someone could translate it(in this thread) it would been very helpfull!!

If I'm not wrong kk is kanker/cancer

Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:55 am
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#2 Post Re: CANN || <3 (newmouse) & ayi
I already banned him...

Edit: Didn't notice the report was about ayi as well. Yeah he should probably receive a ban for what he said. I generally just ignore what people say when they harass me so didn't notice the extent of what he said until I saw your screenshots. It's also pretty hard when I don't speak the language he's insulting me in.

@Admin transcript of all Sp!!tZz' pictures in my report: viewtopic.php?p=255420#p255420


Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:59 am
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#3 Post Re: CANN || <3 (newmouse) & ayi
Ayi = babayaaaa who has been reported in this thread. And seeing the screenshots im guessing this whole thing started because their friend got banned (pussykiller?). So I'm almost certain that the first guy is one of those 4 dudettes aswell. As for the translations, i can only see a few somehow so i will translate those, and some flames are in Turkish (looks at Sultan). As i cant see all screenshots ill just randomly translate some things.

CANN || <3 (newmouse);

- Nice cheats Konijn, get a life cancer hobo (homeless guy)
- Konijn dude, he was at my place (watching the game i was playing) and bought himself his own account
- Cheesehead
- Whats bothering you cancer nerd

(Not that many translations, but seeing the guy's reactions i would say he deserves a pretty long ban if not the longest possible for strike 1 (Also knowing that he is mostlikely one belonging to the other group, the other report). This scandalous behaviour is not wanted on our servers and i frankly dont get why he didnt get banned earlier. Guys like these just dont learn and will end up getting a permban in no-time.


- Konijn i fuck your cancer mum you cancer hobo (on the same screenie you see CANN saying--> Ill shove that up your ass cancer loser)
- cancer asslicker

Tue Jun 26, 2012 6:20 am

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#4 Post Re: CANN || <3 (newmouse) & ayi

STEAM_0:0:18626588 - ayi - Strike 1 + 350 hour ban

  • Harassing



STEAM_0:0:35345294 - CANN || <3 (newmouse) - Strike 1 + 350 hour ban

  • Harassing

Thank you for reporting and thanks for translations!

AIK <3

Tue Jun 26, 2012 9:27 am
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