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Re: [UNBANNED] unban

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24.05 evening/night:
@Magnus: okay.

@Koyumu: well did you write that problem in the uaio forums at alliedmods? maybe they know. if the vip plugin is a seperate plugin that the uaio plugin then maybe post it in that vip plugin thread as well.

if you can't solve the problem just add my 2. account to nD* Zombie Team plz STEAM_0:1:21779510

seems to go now - could join cs2 and cs5 so i guess ban is finally gone. thx koy ^^ when it stays like this then i lend my 2. acc to my girlfriend so that she can play a bit with it (she isn't good).

28.05 (night)
well and now iam banned again no idea why this system bans me again.. really annoying ban system.

28.05 (day 11 o clock)
and now iam unbanned again, where is the logic behind the ban system?

28.05 (day 3 am)
now iam banned again. maybe it bans my ip adress and not my steamid? (edit: tried to connect on server after changing ip but didn't worked)

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