Unban Request

Vedant Patel
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Unban Request

Post by Vedant Patel »

Im banned at Neondragon Jailbreak server by zaptor and the reason was abuse. I didn't do anything, I was just freekilled by a ct so i typed in chat zaptor... cuz he wasn't listening and he then banned me. Please just tell me that what was the mistake made by me? Did i did something wrong? If not then please unban me. Its a humble request :(

Steam ID/Valve : VALVE_0:4:999008441
Ingame Nick : -B-L-A-Z-E-
Admin/Member : zaptor
Ban Reason : Abuse
Ban Period : Permanent
Time/Date of Ban : Sun May 05, 2019 5:55 pm
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Re: Unban Request

Post by zapt0r »

You were banned for banevading. However, it seems that I've mixed you with another Blaze.

I'll have to look further into this, you are unbanned meanwhile.

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