Unban Revokition

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Unban Revokition

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- Steam ID: I Lost My Steam I Have Now No Steam ): Id: - Steam ID: VALVE_0:4:1788466622
- Nick INGAME: ZiaD
- Admin/Member: Amir
- Reason of ban: Use cheat in no steam
- Which server you were banned in: nD Old Shcool
- Date and time of the ban: i forgot but in 2018
- Motivation for an unban: I Have new I have new thinking, I will never use Cheat again :)
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Re: Unban Revokition

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Your last ban is from October last year and you will have to wait a year from the date of the ban since your original ban was issued for cheating.

You can ask for an unban on: 29/10-2019

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