lornelins unban request

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lornelins unban request

Post by lornelins »

- Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:3308581
- Nick INGAME: Grossarchivator
- Admin/Member: chachatt magic
- Reason of ban: Cheating
- Which server you were banned in: |nD| Deathmatch
- Date and time of the ban: 11/13/2018 at about 11:45 am
- Motivation for an unban: I don't cheat, never have. I also don't like being accused of cheating or getting banned by flaming griefers, who abuse their VIP privileges. I don't even know what cheat I was supposed to be using (the console message only said "Cheating"...and I don't know if he said something, 'cause I usually mute him, 'cause I find his voice chat flaming annoying and I don't speak French), but I assure you, I never have. I have been accused of wallhacking before, so maybe it's that. I do play with sound most of the time, and I've been playing this game long enough to predict obvious behavior. Which most unexperienced players don't understand and seem to mistake for cheating.
What I do like is you guys' Deathmatch server, 'cause it's one of the very few good ones out there in 1.6. Therefore I would be grateful, if I'd get unbanned, even though the player who banned me, and who is frequent player on the server, is not the most pleasant person to play with. I'm surprised he only slapped me once for no reason. I do still enjoy the server very much, overall.

Thank you in advance
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Re: lornelins unban request

Post by Patrick »

You were kicked by a regular with VIP status because he believed that you were cheating. This was not a member action and you are therefore not banned from the servers.

If you wish to report VIP abuse, feel free to do so here: http://www.neondragon.net/strikelist.php

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