Muhaha Unban

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Muhaha Unban

Post by Muhaha »

- Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:33437283

- Nick INGAME: Muhaha

- Admin/Member: I don't remember I believe it was Maki

- Reason of ban: bug abuse of the blackjack system making 100mills from it.

- Which server you were banned in: Jailbreak server

- Date and time of the ban: I don't quite remember but i believe it is almost a year ago

- Motivation for an unban: Well a lot of my friends still play jailbreak and it does get boring sometimes when I want to play with them but not being able to, it does suck and I would like to come back to jailbreak so that I can start from a fresh
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Re: Muhaha Unban

Post by zapt0r »

It has been well over a year, you were banned 2017-08-27.

I am going to unban you, however, remember that you will be set back to strike 2 and if you step over the line you will be put straight back to strike 3.

Also, note that you will not have CT access - you can apply for this after you have made yourself comfortable with the changes that have happened while you were banned.

Link CT application: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=27860

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