Unban Request.

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Unban Request.

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- Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:5306394 and VALVE_0:4:1684793839
- Nick INGAME: NeonCS
- Admin/Member: Zapt0r
- Reason of ban: Abuse
- Which server you were banned in: Jailbreak
- Date and time of the ban: 10/6/2018
- Motivation for an unban: I genuinely didn't knew that scripts weren't allowed because i saw hamza and redbull using them all the time in assault and sometimes in jailbreak and never saw any player telling them that its not allowed , i just didnt knew that it wasn't allowed so that's why i am making a unban request and if ur thinking that if i didn't knew that they weren't allowed then why did i switched to non-steam and my answer to that is simple, that i rarely use autobhop script or other scripts so i only had it in my non-steam folder that's why i switched, Its a sincere mistake from my side and for me 240 hours is a long time because jailbreak is the only server that i play when i am home after work and its not going to happen again.

( p.s = all this happened when my younger brother was playing,ik thats not an excuse , i am saying that cause i wasnt present at the time when all this happened )
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Re: Unban Request.

Post by zapt0r »

Now you know. Wait out your ban.

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