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unban request puncake builder

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:05 pm
- Steam ID:0:4:2047579003
- Nick INGAME:PANCAKEbuilder/(1) akari
- Admin/Member:Proof i dont know who banned me bcs i disconnected too fast but i think its nD|Voropoulo
- Reason of ban:Speed
- Which server you were banned in:Jailbreak
- Date and time of the ban:around october / permanantly
- Motivation for an unban:Hey if u read this message its because i really want to be unbanned

In jailbreak all time i wanted to have friends but peoples as ignore me

At the begins i just wanted to be an hero for be lke flash ( i was a big kids) and protect the server from hacker and blablabla

U know when i got banned [now too] i searched othr serversd when i can play bu i didnt found a server really cool like neondragon
For be unbanned i dowload steamid changer for be unban andd say sorry to admins etc ...
i do everything. But when i see i was really a big shit and i do an big error
i wanted really to be unbanned

So u admins or member
if u read that message i want u unban me pls answear .


[sry for bad english]

Re: unban request puncake builder

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:05 pm
by Joel Miller
You have been banned on 2017-03-20 by myself due to a report. So your ban duration of one year expired. I will unban you now.

You will be set back to Strike 2 and it won't take much to get yourself permbanned again. So I suggest you to behave yourself and dont show the attitude ingame you just showed on the chatbox.

Welcome back.