[Solved] Uban request

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Uban request

Post by HooLiGaN »

Hi all i am regular player and i am not familiar with this forum so i made profile just to make an appeal
I dont really know what happened i play everyday and its my first time getting banned here
- Steam ID: "HooLiGaN" 1381 STEAM_0:0:1355412760 0 00:09 47 0
- Nick INGAME:HooLiGaN
- Admin/Member: I dont remember
- Reason of ban:Cheating
- Which server you were banned in:Deathrun
- Date and time of the ban:2.4.2019 6pm
- Motivation for an unban: I dont really know 2kay and me were playing minecraft final and we were good at it soo maybe admin
thought we were to good and banned me idk
I am happy to post a demo of game if u need it
Ban leght is 8 hours
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Re: Uban request

Post by HydroxyCarbamide »

A Deathrun member reported you because you was cheating ( auto bunny hop and script). And he got a demo. After an admin or a staff member check that demo. They can decide if you are guilty or not. I hope that's not. But if you were a cheater say bye bye. Bcz cheating Is strike 3. Which means it's rly bad for you.
Best wishes.
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Re: Uban request

Post by SaKraN~ »

Hi holigan , reflex first reflex i know you trying to help but this is not the way how to help and holigan i tried to find the report about you but i didn’t find it and if you you got strike 3 for cheating you have to wait 1 year to ask for unban if you got time then you need to wait until the time finish and you can join i hope you understand and cyA..

User banned 7 days for spamming the unban section.
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Re: Uban request

Post by Medz »

ID you got banned on was this one > VALVE_0:4:637269760

It should be declined since the handler of that report determined it was a script/hack, but it has been over 6 months since you made this unban.

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