Time for unban.

You're banned from our community, and want to be unbanned? Here's the place for you!
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You are not allowed to spam in ban/unban requests. You may only reply if:
- You can help clearing the situation up, or
- You have something important to add.
Remember that it's always necessary to have some proof (screenshots or a demo) to prove your point.

Please do not reply if you only want to express your opinion whether or not the request is worth being accepted.
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Time for unban.

Post by SaKraN~ »

- Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:208232029
- Nick INGAME: Sakran
- Admin/Member: Shadi
- Reason of ban: For hacking someone hacked me.
- Which server you were banned in:All of them.
- Date and time of the ban:Permban , They told me you can ask after 2 Months.
- Motivation for an unban: Well First of all i apologize for every thing Happened,and i really like the server so much and i really don't have any thing else to play all my day was in jb because i loved it and promise that thing won't happen again, i didn't touch The community, and i didn't even want to touch that guy, but when he just started threating me and i hacked him also every one knows that how much that i love the Server, And the community so i hope i can get the chance and promise and nothing wrong will happen again and i'll never talk to any one who just talk shit with me i'll face the admin And the one that i hacked him i'm sorry and i hope you accept my apology and thanks
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Re: Time for unban.

Post by Shadi »


set to strike 2
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