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Unban Dune

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[Ban Appeal] Dune

Post by Dune »

Steam ID: SteamID.
Nick INGAME: Dune.
Admin/Member: Zaptor.
Reason of ban: Negative behavior, verbal abuse and ghosting. http://www.neondragon.net/strikelist.php?report_id=6154
Which server you were banned in: Jailbreak.
Date and time of the ban: Two days ago.
Motivation for an unban: Unfair ban.

First of all, I'd like to ask that Patrick handles this report. Zaptor lets his anger get the better of him. He had it out for me ever since I reported him for unfairly gagging me over a rule that he got wrong. Then they changed the rule, locked my thread and deleted my follow up post. He's also targeting me in the server, threatening to ban me for three weeks and not saying a word to the other players who were harassing each other, talking about sensitive political situations. When one of those players asked Zaptor for help, he said "ignore them, they can talk to you if they want to". That's all in the chat logs, verify it if you would like. I'm only bringing it up to show the double standards :naughty:.

If you're not Patrick, scroll down to the tl;dr. The following is for Patrick.

Dear Patrick, while the evidence looks damning, you need only to check the chat logs to prove my innocence. First let me ask you a question, why is "j4ck" reporting me when he wasn't involved in any of the incidents?

There were three players that I was talking to, Mama, Queen and Eternity. What the screenshots don't show is I didn't randomly talk to those players. They targeted me and I replied. Check the chat logs, as a competent administrator would have done in the first place. In the case of Queen she was using her mic, so that might not be as easy to verify.

Could this be a case of entrapment? Did those players target me knowing I would hit back, so a third party can screenshot what I say and report me? You be the judge.

Up to this point you're thinking, "Patrick: Dune has a point. But what about the ghosting?". Did I ghost? Yes. I was warned and kicked for ghosting right after I ghosted. I was also reported for that exact same incident in the past, and the report was declined. Yet another person is now using the same screenshots from the same incident in a new report. While what I'm about to say is no excuse for breaking the rules, I ghosted three players, including myself. The server was full, only four players including one CT were alive. The whole server was waiting as the CT was making no progress and I ghosted all three of us. It's not like I was dead going around from player to player ghosting them.

Even if you decide to take the report at face value, the punishment is too severe. A 300 hours ban over what I said, when you have CTs running around calling a fear the black man day :facepalm:.

tl;dr I was targeted, I replied. I ghosted a while ago, I was warned and kicked for it. I was also already reported for that ghosting incident and the report was declined.
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Bob Vegana
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Re: [Ban Appeal] Dune

Post by Bob Vegana »

This is not about what's correct and right or wrong. This is mostly about your general attitude and the player base does not appreciate and does not need or deserve it here. No one deserves to be treated the way you treat the player base. You've made quite of a reputation as a *villain* in this community, someone we don't enjoy having around. Do not try to pull anything complicated out of this, this is all about you and your disrespectful attitude towards everybody, and I'd rather have it outta here too and even have myself outta here permanently if I was like this again. You have no right to defend yourself either when all you do is talk shitezee at everything happenin around you. As it is right now, you're not welcome here.

So it's for the best that you sit through all of the hours of this ban. During which, you shall be granted a chance to learn the meaning of respect and love, both of which you either don't have at all or just don't understand right now. Take days off, relax, learn the meaning of respect and love, forget being self-righteous an arrogant because that will just lead you nowhere, get some fresh air, and after the ban you better be back as a new man. If you don't manage that though, I really dunno what could help you there then.
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Re: [Ban Appeal] Dune

Post by KaitoKid »

I was rooting for you until I saw that signature :violence-shootself: :violence-shootself: :violence-shootself: :violence-shootself: sit out your ban
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Joel Miller
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Re: [Ban Appeal] Dune

Post by Joel Miller »

First of all, with this proof on the provided screenshots, you can never be called "innocent". Being provoked is never an excuse to harass like you did there. Nevertheless, your attitude and behaviour either ingame or on forums are constantly over the edge. You started provoking, complaining and harassing since the day you started playing here.

So you dont need to wonder why no one likes you here and doesnt share your opionion or backs up your complaining all day. So its also no wonder, that you call it provoking and "starting" the shit, what they said to you. Who reported you doesnt matter, if he was involved or not. Being harmed by the created bad atmosphere or simply witnessing rulebreaks is enough to report these incidents. No need to see another "witch hunt" on you by that.

People were having fun until you came and started complaining yet again about everything and everyone, so that they were not glad having you around should be obvious. There were no problems before. So even when I wouldnt have read the chatlogs, I would have no doubt you are dramatising about being provoked to say what you said. You could have jump on the wave of fun and chill and the day would have been easy.

Anyway, you talked alot about "recording and reporting" in the chatlogs. So you know how the procedure goes around here. Take (sufficient) proof and report them instead of harassing, complaining, provoking 24/7.

We wont go through all the chat logs all day to find a single incident that might have been provoking/harassing you or anyone else without any reports and hints. The strikelist system is here for a reason and is easy to manage for everyone to report people with small and easy steps. We also have a real life, like you like to state about yourself.

So, accept the fact that you are gagged for 300 hours and be glad you still can play. Try to change that attitude and become a cheerfull person , people like to play with or we have this kind of issues over and over again.
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neonDragon Admin
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Re: [Ban Appeal] Dune

Post by zapt0r »

Just going to reply here to give you a little context to why you were banned, as you do not seem to understand.

The report on you was simply just the tip of the iceberg. The way you behave and troll in-game is definitely something we don't want or tolerate on the server.

- You are constantly provoking people with bad jokes, and comments referring to their family, looks, political figures and straight up bs.
- You stand in cell doors, proceeding to claim "brb afk" only to get your teammate(s) killed. Then immediately comes back when they are dead. Playing overall stupid.
- Arguing and trolling moderators - when told to stop.
- You are genuinely disliked by regulars on the server, for good reasons.

- We simply do not benefit from having you on the server, you do more harm than good to the servers/community. If you continue down the same path your stay at this community will soon be over.

This ban appeal is overall filled with wrong context and lies. Regarding me having personal issues with you; I treat everybody in this community equally - if you act like a douche, you will be treated as a douche. You wouldn't be banned if it wasn't justified. Remember show respect to get respect.

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