pls unban

You're banned from our community, and want to be unbanned? Here's the place for you!
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You are not allowed to spam in ban/unban requests. You may only reply if:
- You can help clearing the situation up, or
- You have something important to add.
Remember that it's always necessary to have some proof (screenshots or a demo) to prove your point.

Please do not reply if you only want to express your opinion whether or not the request is worth being accepted.
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pls unban

Post by SALUDOS »

- Steam ID: i dont know
- Admin/Member: i dont know bro
- Reason of ban: i dont know bro
- Which server you were banned in: i dont know bro
- Date and time of the ban: i dont know bro
- Motivation for an unban: pls unban, honestly i dont even know when the fuck i got banned or by who, its been like 3 years fam plz help
pls unban
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