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How to make a successful unban request

Posted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:53 am
by Mati
1) Ensure your unban request got the proper format as the following:
- Steam ID:
- Nick INGAME:
- Admin/Member:
- Reason of ban:
- Which server you were banned in:
- Date and time of the ban:
- Motivation for an unban:
2) Make sure you fill everything - if you don't know who banned you and/or why you are banned, ask an admin by private message or ateam (include your Steam-ID). Of course you can ask for the reasons on the forums as well, but that will be more like an info topic than an unban request then.

3) Ask yourself if most of your ban time has already passed (if permanent: few weeks/months) and is one week or longer. If not, you do not have to post an unban request, except when you got banned per mistake, or just want to know "why".

4) Write a good motivation for unban. State the reasons why you think your ban should be removed (early).