Its a year now........

Akram hamdani
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Its a year now........

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Steam id : STEAM_0:1:417951449
Nickname : Akram_King
Admin/member : Zapt0r
Reason of ban : ban-evading
Which server you were banned in : jailbreak
Date and time of ban : 29.01.2018
Motivation for an ban : i miss playing nd with my friends and its been almost more than a year. I apologize for past year that I have done and I have change myself with my behaviour and. promise u will not get any complain about me. I will stick to rules an not break it . thank u for your attention :)
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Re: Its a year now........

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You will be set to strike 2 so please note that it wont take much to get you permbanned again. Welcome back.

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