[Declined] S.W.A.T For member again?

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Re: S.W.A.T For member again?

Post by Jak »

EditedRhyme wrote:Between the first time, I posted on your application and now, I have seen improvements.
Which is you moderating, and this is very important to let people know they are being watched.

However, I still don't see reports done by you.

My vote will be changed to a yes when I see some reports coming in. However, don't take this as a negative thing as you have improved on 1 con. and I think you need 1 more to be absolutely fine.

"Some motivation" Us applicants might lose interest when people don't listen to us especially when we moderate but trust me when I say this when u keep doing it enough and pretty much u piss them off and you are a man of your word they will not dare to break your word. They know me for example when I find a ct who doesn't have ct access I ask him to leave the ct and if he ignores it, I call a member and he comes to ct ban him. again this is happening in front of everyone in the server and it sets an image for them that if they do smth wrong a member will be called.

I can see you becoming a really, really great member. Just do a few reports and ill give you that yes.
baliz man give him your Yes, baleeez he need it :trollface:
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Re: S.W.A.T For member again?

Post by Coki_Pie! »

Sorry SWAT, My bad..
Yes from me..
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Re: S.W.A.T For member again?

Post by J4ck »

he didnt have the time to prove himself because of the school
give him another chance ez
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Re: S.W.A.T For member again?

Post by S.W.A.T »

Just wanted to explain , i was inactif this week its because i had exams and i just finished !
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Re: S.W.A.T For member again?

Post by Abdallah ;) »

It's good to see you apply to be nDjail and that's yes from me and just be active more ok and good luck
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Re: S.W.A.T For member again?

Post by nomikk »

Hello SWAT nice to see you applying again !
You did a great job in the past but due to school and exams you werent active anymore
Let's get started with your
-Respect everyone
-Rule knowledge
-Good commander
Your cons:
Maybe this time is your activity in the server , I dont see you ingame a lot these days
If you gonna be more active again then My vote is YES
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Re: S.W.A.T For member again?

Post by amiiz »

i think you can 'COR' this as swat quit playing a month ago or so due to school.
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Re: S.W.A.T For member again?

Post by Maki »


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