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Re: nD jail application

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kami (GER] wrote: PS: by all means, the recruitment corner has always and will always be a warzone, if you are not up for the job you will get demolished here.
Should we therefore draw the conclusion that your face must have spent quite (if not too much) some time in the recruitment section?
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Re: nD jail application

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Keep this kind of messages in another place please...
Younes Ml
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Re: nD jail application

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Hi bro , i never saw you in jail server and never saw you commanding , i dont know a lot of things about you also your activity is very low at the forms , so I will give you some tips to get a chance to be accepted.
First : try to be active in game and be good to people and make all know you
- try to moderate
-try to reporte
-warn players for breaking the rules
-command us a ct and taking over and make some good rounds

I think you are new at the community , and you dont know a lot of about nD and the rules , its a NO
For me , make sure to remember what I told you in the steps and work on it , good luck .
Younes Ml
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Re: nD jail application

Post by zapt0r »

I see we forgot handling this. We believe you need more time to get known around here in the community. Work on the cons people have mentioned in your application. Read up on the rules, get to know people in the community and stand out of the crowd and you will have a better chance of becoming a member in the future.

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