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Re: My Dream :)

Post by PiPi »

he/you wont handle the server
bad behavior

Yesterday you said that the jailbreak server is shit etc

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Re: My Dream :)

Post by lampan123 »

whaat pipi?
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Re: My Dream :)

Post by Voropoulo »

Hello :)

I have not much to say about you, cause i hadn't the chance to get to know you so far. But, as i can see on strikelist, you got reported for harassment. That attitude is not accepted at all. Especially when it comes from someone who wants to be member. Thus, if i am not mistaken, you haven't report anyone recenctly. I'll try to take a look on you but so far it's a no. I'm sorry mate, but i do think that you need more time to work harder so you can prove that you deserve that.
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Re: My Dream :)

Post by Waschera »


Sorry but you're far from being ready, feel free to read Lien & Nai's post for more information. In addition, you haven't been active at all the last 2 weeks so we don't see any motivation that you want membership at this point.
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