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Apply v6.

Post by doeda »

- Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:67003304

- NickName : doeda

- Age : 16 turning 17 in March.

- Gender : Male

- Experience Level (including any previous admin work) : Not much experience. But I learned a lot by watching members and I guess it pretty much comes with the membership.

- Average amount of time on our servers per day : 2-4 hours sometimes more, really differs from day to day. but mostly in the afternoon.

- Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers? :
I think around october 2012 (on other steam account as PFM* naruto)

- Do you have a working mic? :
Yes i do.

- After answering these questions, please provide a brief introduction of your life (hobbies, studies etc.) as well as your motivation for helping to moderate our servers.:

My life : I'm just an 16 year old boy, who still goes to school (year 11 now). I like to talk a lot, wether in chat or voice communication I like to communicate with people you could say I'm very social. I study the subject commerce and economics. I like having friends I have met a lot of good and funny friends here in nD. I live in Belgium with my mother and I have 4 brothers and 1 sister. 4 Brothers of mine live on themselves (1 is married and rest live on their own). I like to play (Football, counter-strike, and to be on my phone). With my friends I like to hang out with on fridays and saturdays we go a lot to the cinema or go somewhere far to play football and play against other people.

My motivation to moderate the servers : My motivation is the same as everyone's motivation to keep the servers clean from rulebreakers to hackers and teamkillers/freekillers. I try to moderate as much as I can and have made some reports as well (some where succesfull some weren't) I also call members a lot who are in my friendslists when something happens on the server I am mostly online at evening/night they tend to rulebreak a lot at night wich makes them kinda "unseen". I've seen so many people abusing the rules from top to bottom and then you feel like you can't do anything at that specific moment,(sure you can do a lot without powers). As mentioned before I call a lot of members when something happens but still they can't come everytime. I want to moderate the server, punish rulebreakers, help out newbies and be there for them. I am currently rank 4 on the server this kinda also shows my activity.I also want to thank all the people who replied on my previous applications, you guys helped me by mentioning my pro's and cons. I have tried my best to work them away as fine as possible.

My last application: http://www.neondragon.net/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=23009

What has changed between this and my last application? Well I'll have to be honest with you, not a lot has changed I've only edited so little. This means I think I'm almost the same as before (without the negative behaviour) and I've only worked on my cons and maybe left some of my pro's behind. I've worked on my commanding skills and am a OK commander, atleast that's what I think :P. I worked on moderating more fluently, wether it be voicechat or the normal chat I am ready for this.

Here's a link to my achievements, I've completed them all and they are earned with blood sweat and tears :lol: for me this means my dedication towards the server! -> http://public.neondragon.net/toplist/ac ... &motd=true

Thanks for reading my application! feel free to reply and ask me any question!
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Re: Apply v6.

Post by Flath »

If i recall your last application, the problem was with convincing admins. In regards to the discussion you had with shadi in the previous admin outcome, i expected you to convince them first then to apply again so i'm a little surprised. I mean you do realise the issue with you is to convince admins and not players ? (cf your last application)

That being said, you should be a member in my eyes since you have all the qualities a member requires. I think you are now respected on the server and you will be an overall good addition to the team. I don't know about your activity though, i don't recall seeing you often those days so i'll leave this in neutral. You command whenever you can, you have been moderating a lot since august. Yes for me.

I might end up editing my post if i want to adjust some things since i wrote this in a hurry so if you are interested about my opinion on you, you should check this post afterward.

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Re: Apply v6.

Post by aNNeh »

ooo naruto lover,
well u are pretty mature and i guess u cud handle the power of being a shinobi but.. you gotta get used to it, may u be da hokage once who knows what tailed beast is resting deep inside of you so else I dont scope you enough to know in how far you do moderate, but I shall notice if you did often and I did not, so I doubt you do. At least not often enough, there are enough members no need to stick your nose into anything but it also happens that noone moderates then you can. Y U NO DO? wtf !!
All in on I would say yeez.

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Re: Apply v6.

Post by Razor8182 »

Doeda you are a very good person and a helpful and a useful person. So you got my vote Yes
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Re: Apply v6.

Post by Haffish »

I think you deserve this now, we've all seen your dedication to the servers and you're well behaved and respected as a regular by many in the servers, good luck!
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my dad go iraq never come back boom boom ? yes !
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Re: Apply v6.

Post by Optiway »

One thing I hate is that I rarely see you at the JB these days, I don't know if your activities are lower than before or we just join at different hours. Whatever, I'll give a Blank because I'm still didn't notice anything about you, no pros, either no cons. Try to get yourself more brilliant that could help you to get more known EVEN if you're here since a long time.
Anyway, gL.
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Re: Apply v6.

Post by Waschera »

SpeL` wrote:One thing I hate is that I rarely see you at the JB these days, I don't know if your activities are lower than before or we just join at different hours. Whatever, I'll give a Blank because I'm still didn't notice anything about you, no pros, either no cons.
He had problems with his computer which is why he has not been on the server lately, but his activity before that was good.

OT: Have not made up my decision about you doeda yet so i'll come back to you with that.
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Re: Apply v6.

Post by doeda »

Thanks for replying very appreciated you all!

And Spel yes I've been inactive for almost a week since my pc had 600 infected objects and couldnt gett shit done it's all fixed now though! And I'm pretty well known around the community so that shouldn't be a problem :)

Thanks for replying!
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Re: Apply v6.

Post by Sn00se »

Hello Do-e-da!
After alot of thinking about how to express myself, here comes my vote!
I feel like you are a down to earth person that is really friendly and base your moderation on whats best for the server and the people there. I've seen you try to moderate people, and even though they just shit all over you for not having any "powers" you still keep doing it! Strong work if you ask me.
You are well known to players on the jailbreak server, and people like you, and respect you!
I've seen some mistakes here and there (but we are all human and we all make mistakes so I will not base my opinion of you because of this), but you always apologize for the mistakes whenever you realised what you've done wrong, and being able to see your own wrongs like that is a good thing!
Only thing you have to do is to show more authority, but I do know that it's really hard for someone without the "power" to show autorithy since as mentioned, people shit all over you because you can't really do anything else than to inform them of what they are doing wrong (which is the key of moderationg, informing people about the rules and try to enforce them fairly).
And for the other things, you have a mic and you use it whenver you get the chance, you are commanding alot and you are doing it well. You sound so calm and relaxed whenever you talk in the mic!
I like you doeda, and I do like the fact that you should be given a chance to prove yourself in a trial.

For me it's a yes.

Oh and please no vendetta, I apologize deeply for my bombs, no killing me anymo :(:(:(
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Re: Apply v6.

Post by daka »


- Friendly
- Known by others
- Active in servers
- Application, Is nice.

- Aint sure if you're mature enough, 1 year ago sometimes you were acting like a totally kid, Aint really sure if you really changed, Or if you did change just because u want to be a member.

- Don't know if you wi'll be able to moderate a server by yourself
- Haven't really seeing you helping others since I came back.

For now, I can't say yes or no, Thats why I'll leave my vote blank, Just want to see more of you, Untill I make my final vote.

Goodluck with your application!

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Re: Apply v6.

Post by Nallez »

Absolutely yes! doeda knows how to handle the trolls and is a calm person. He knows how to commands and this is his 6th application!

Give him a trial so he can prove that he can be a good member, probably even one of the best.
best after sn00se doe
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Re: Apply v6.

Post by Lien~ »


You have tried many times and we see you have huge dedication with wanting to become a member and therefore always put in a lot of hours and a huge increase in play-time. However, you continuously neglect the most concerning personality traits and show no big signs of changing these. We believe you still lack authority, which is a hard one to change but stuff like lack of moderation and too little commanding are things you could definitely work on.

We're sorry, doeda. Please stick to the good stuff you do and work on the mentioned things. Show that you really want this and that you are willing to work for it.

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