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Re: Membership

Post by daka »

- Friendly
- Active in game
- Nice to play with

- Application doesnt really show that you really want this
- I saw you having an argue with someone cause he said something about your name
- Like others said, U said joined the forum
- Rule knowledge
- Reports
- Moderating, Havent really saw you helping people or stuff like that.

For now, The con list is just to big, I wish I could wrote something better about you but this are my toughts about your application so I'l have to go for a No Right now cause I think you are not ready for it yet.

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Re: Membership

Post by Wongerz »


- You got the required age to apply
- Good English and understandable English
- You have a mic and you can command
- You are active in-game but not on forums*


- A nice and friendly guy.
- You know the basic rules but not all the detail ones*
- You haven't made any reports really you should make some but making reports would be better


- You recently got your Strike 1
- *Your forum activity is really bad with 1 post which is this application you need to be on the forums more and need to join important discussions
- *Mic spam and this means you don't follow the rules
- You don't help out, neither have I seen you moderate at all
- You harass from time to time. I don't mind because when I'm there you never take it too far, I can however imagine other people not liking it though.
- I don't think you can handle a full server on your own.
-Wished for more text because this post doesn't give enough detail in order for people to choose you, give more information about you then we have an understanding of how you want this the motivation and respect you want

You are a very nice person to play and friendly but on the other hand you have to respect other people in order to earn respect from other people like for example be polite and don't say bad language to other people also forum activity is very poor there and you need to seriously improve on that because 1 must on being a member is to be active on the forums so there is also a lot of cons on you as yourself so all you need to do wait about 6 months then apply again so you know this community well you have potential but remember to improve on your cons so my decision is a NO I am sorry but if you want to speak to me feel free I am on the forums everyday so yeah.
So thanks for reading
Jubia :D :D

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Re: Membership

Post by Proffset' »


-You're above the required age to apply.
-You have a working microphone and never hesitate to command.
-Good english.
-Nice activity.


-The forum activity, can easily be fixed.
-You might be unaware of some rules, like 2 days ago you tried to do a sparta day, we told you its not allowed and you said oh well it's night who cares? You also might do the same thing to your friends as member and give them free passes.


-Your harassing, sometimes it's ok but it seems like you have a hate towards some people and always constantly harass them but don't do that to others.
-You made the report the same day as you joined the forums, gives me a feeling that you don't really care about the server just the power.
-You're not there for people when they ask questions and I barely see you moderating, you break the rules yourself sometimes.
-Your ability of handling a full server of yourself, and abusing of powers because you like to troll around and might kick people for fun and things similar to that making them leave the server.
-You've gotten strike 1, which wouldn't be too much of a problem if it was very long time ago but now it's not so long but recently, so you still have to improve your behaviour and not break the rules.
-By this text to judge you just did this on 5 mins and didn't even try making this text informative so people got a view of you, making me think again your power hungry atleast put some time into this if your applying for something like this.


You're a nice and friendly guy, who troll excessive and also on the same people, you don't really stand out of the crowd and your cons are too many in comparison to your cons.

So I'd say a NO for now but reapply in a couple months when you've improved your cons stopped the rule breaking and trolling, also try to moderate a little bit more and help the ones who ask for help. I've seen when your on the server you don't answer when someone needs help which a member should do.
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Re: Membership

Post by Makita »

Sup Xpeke i dont know much about you so ..
I saw you sometimes in game you but you make many disccusions and your not standing out of crowd
that i saw. now your someone that want to reach something and thats something nice.
But you are harrasing , dont know all the rules. but by side your calm and thats something to be a Member!
But you dont have all the requirements to be a Member to handle the Servers Sorry :whistle:

Good Luck though! Makita^ OUT!

'You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest, because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want.'
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Re: Membership

Post by Maki »

You get too easily influenced by the trolls and start trolling as you've shown multiple times and even today, I also doubt both your authority and ability to deal with a situation alone or even the fact that you'd moderate your friends. In addition to that, I don't see any sign of member behaviour coming out from you and highly doubt that in the two weeks length until the admin meeting, you'll have changed enough to become a member so it'll be a no from my side.

Good luck.
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Re: Membership

Post by M.A »

You're clearly not member material.
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