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Silence's application

Post by Silence »

Hello everyone,

I will start with a regular format for my application:

- Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:14422397

- In-Game Name: Silence

- Age : 23

- Gender : Male

- Experience Level : Used to be a member last year, left the team due to personal issues.

- How active are you : Obviously due to covid-19 I am active very often when I do not see my GF, I am not planning to drop to 0 hours when we get back to normal.

- when did you start playing on our servers : 2009

- Tell us about you, your life in general : Bachelor of Economics in International Economic Relations, working
as accountant in SAP, being into sport & e-sport, investing in cryptocurrencies. A BIT LAZY THO, my biggest hobby is eating pizza & McDonalds with my girl.

- Whats your motivation, and what do you tend to bring to this community : My motivation has never changed, but my attitude has changed a lot. I try to keep the server from too much toxicity and negative attitude. I find ND as an online 'safe heaven', I spent hundreds hours here and I would like to help the team with moderation and daily tasks once again. I am working on the balance between good moderation and leaving space for fun and a little bit of grown fun in the server.

I am looking forward to your replies, opinions, whatever they are.
Thanks for reading folks!

Kind Regards,
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Re: Silence's application

Post by critycism »

Ah yes, Silence the feet fetish guy.

Not much to say except you have the capacities to be a good member as you've proved us that last year.

But yea, it's a yes from me, for now :facepalm:
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Re: Silence's application

Post by Kurza »

I've known you for a long time, you seem to know the rules very well, you're a positive player which makes me think that this dude will bring postivity in the jail team, nothing stops you from getting the trial back again imo. gl

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Re: Silence's application

Post by SaKraN~ »

as i see Silence , your A nice guy , you still moderating the people since u were member until now , and you know the rules 100% , have a nice behavior with all , So i think u should Back
Yes From me
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Re: Silence's application

Post by ZeRo#1 »

I ususally didn't want to vote anymore at all at applications in public. In this case I'm gonna make an exception because he been a good member before he left and he has my fully trust that he is gonna be a good member again and that he will fit well in the team. Nothing much I need to say so it is a clearly Yes from me.
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Re: Silence's application

Post by Hyperion »

Simon says Im Simon, Simon says Simon is welcome, Simon says Simon says is over.

As what Zero pointed out you have a stable history and you are a good commander and have the rule knowledge.

Yes for me !
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Re: Silence's application

Post by hoho »

im not giving a vote, but just wanted to say that there are lots of members already and 2 other applicants that also have a good shot of becoming members

what im trying to say is "not needed" , sorry brother
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Re: Silence's application

Post by Shadi »

I know there are cases you think are obvious and that you don’t need to deal with the templates but please do add feedback and/or pros and cons.

Goes for everybody. I’ll leave the current posts here but from now on.

This incoming reply is very much based on the past:

Anyway silence. unless I’m confusing you with someone else, which is quite possible, the only issue I can really think of is that you have bursts of stubbornness. These sometimes do frustrate people and that can affect atmosphere.

That aside I recall you had everything to your advantage. You tried to tidy servers, stayed active and mostly level headed. You’re in a mature age and luckily it (kinda :P) matches your actual age.

Unless there have been some drastic changes or my memory is completely in the gutter your pros outweigh cons.
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Re: Silence's application

Post by Conor McGregor »

First i want to see is Haii but my vote for this will be Yes Gl with it man hope u will be us next member ;)

Edit Shadi: pls follow the correct format next time
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Re: Silence's application

Post by Moee »

Jack ,snap and now silence , Let's be honest here one of you will be rejected,it Will be hard to choose , As for you silence ,You are mature enought,old enought ,you have Enought experience since you were a member last year. I don't see any cons ,You moderate people even tho they don't listen to you but you still trying . Good luck
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Re: Silence's application

Post by SNap »

You seem to be a nice, calm guy who would definitely be an asset to the team. Your commanding style is good and you moderate a lot. Def a yes worth goodluck.

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Re: Silence's application

Post by SIG MISS »

i haven't played with u when you were a member tho

but in these days i see you moderating /reporting and a good commander (ct)

Good luck bro i vote Yees!
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Re: Silence's application

Post by Medz »

holy moly, silence applying for nD* Jail |..
i can state 99 reasons why you shouldn't be accepted as you are the worst case nd ever had, but that would risk my membership AND MOSTLY MY CT ACCESS so :'( I'm obliged to say yes.

ok jokes aside, we all know silence, the jb man, his actions does speak about him, same noob nD* Jail | silence who used to handle a 32 players all alone, maybe he became more better, to the best, i won't state any pro's as they're the same or infact i'd say better, in simple words he improved, the fact that he managed to handle a server as regular shows how good addition would he be for the team, let's not forget he was a member???? and did great back then, he only left for personal reasons, but da beast is back, as a cons i'd say he only threatens me, telling me that he will remove my ct access, so what i suggest is to not set him as a ct app guy

if he is not going to be accepted, will make sure we replace him with rhyme :trollface: (jk rhyme :3)
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Re: Silence's application

Post by Rhyme »

Dante. wrote: if he is not going to be accepted, will make sure we replace him with rhyme :trollface: (jk rhyme :3)

Silence anyways, Your mature, Kind and funny. You have had the experience before and what i heard you killed it. You defo have my vote with you. As for now i dont really see any cons regarding you.
Your all positive all around and i like it. Keep it up.

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Re: Silence's application

Post by zapt0r »

Welcome back to the team! :)

Contact me on Discord/Steam.
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