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Silence's application

Post by Silence »

Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:14422397
NickName : Silence
Age : 22 in a month
Gender : Male
Experience Level (including any previous admin work) : That's my first application for member/admin position ever.
Average amount of time on our servers per day : A few hours per day, depending on duties during the day. Watching the forum for the entire day.
Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers? : In 2009 under name ZooM, playing mainly zombie mode for quite long time.
Do you have a working mic? : Yes I do.
About me : My name is Simon, I live in Poland. I've been studying International Economic Relations at the University of Economics in Cracow. Before that, I had studied Economics, but quit and used to live in UK for a few months. I'm interested in team sports, used to play handball for 10 years. At the moment I focus at gym workout, that's my main hobby. I love cooking, reading, playing and drinking vodka. Beyond that, I am starting coding course (Java), soon.
About my motivation : I've been playing here since 2009, with a few long breaks. Still, I got used to the community. It's a part of me, and I feel like a part of it. I don't need that position for my personal ambitions. I am aware of time I would sacrifice after getting this application accepted, yet I've decided that after these all years, I want to sacrifice myself for the good of NeonDragon and help the staff to take care of it in any way I could be helpful. I want to receive frank opinions about me, even from my friends around.

Thank you for reading!
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Re: Silence's application

Post by Freddy »

Has been very active on the game even while it is dead suggests he really wants this, sounds like a pretty good candidate that will bring a lot of positivity to the team. Can't really think of any cons apart from perhaps try to suggest that you moderate by submitting in more reports. Yes from me x
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Re: Silence's application

Post by ~LITE~ »

Nice guy
Know rules
When he make a mistake he know how to say sry
No from me . Eh i mean a yes
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Re: Silence's application

Post by Nidhal »

Hi Silence ,nice too see applying here!
I'll start with your Pros:
-Good commander
-calm person
-creative commander
-rules knowledge
_Understandable english
I give u YES and i hope u ll get accepted.
Gl my friend <3
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Re: Silence's application

Post by MoWgLI JùnGLE »

-good commander
-never broke the rules
my vote is yes , gl brother
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Re: Silence's application

Post by voodoo »

hello smith,

as we talked in private... i didnt expect that application from you but yee i've seen and im seeing you're a good guy and you have a potential. if we gonna make a list of candidates your name will be on the top of it because of some reasons:

You always have been helpful for all
You moderate when needed
You are active on servers/forum
You are creative. open minded
whatever you give here is a positive thing

Not only me but everyone here(ppls who know you) knows that you bring a good atmosphere & fun. Im not going to type anything else cause it's useless since you got the positive requirements for being a member. reports are needed too but this is not a problem that can stop you/decline app just for that reason since the most of your reports did get accept or lets say only one got decline. To sum up you have my support until i ban you.

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Re: Silence's application

Post by Kudō Shin'ichi »

as far as i seen this guy is really good and he fits for member hes calm and makes other people calm, and friendly, he moderated me with some things and other players too i would like to give him like 3 weeks just to see what he does in the membership team. How about a Yes??

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Re: Silence's application

Post by SaKraN~ »

oh damn! nice to see you applying habibi silence... :D
let's start with pros
Friendly, nice guy , helpful etc...
that's your melman hhhh joking i never see any cons about you.. :D
So my vote Nnnnnnn Yes
gooDlucK habibi melman <3 :D
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Re: Silence's application

Post by hoho »

Pros :

-Great commander/CT

-all your reports are accepted

-understandable english

cons :

i cant find any

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Re: Silence's application

Post by SNap »

Hi Silence, starting off with the most important notes that i've seen in you, you are absolutely a great human being. You never broke any rules in my eyes always positive and calm. (like hyperion)

Very creative person never saw an bad side from him, commands when needed, knows what to do in certain situations. You are memberworthy Silence. You'll get my Yes goodluck.
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Re: Silence's application

Post by KING SNEL »

hard one.. i give my answer soon
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Re: Silence's application

Post by pl0t »

My dear Friend Silence,

I'm really glad to see you applying to a member position.

You have all the abilities to be a member, you are calm, you are a well known player, you know the rules and you always try to calm the toxic players.

I could add more cases but that will be not necessary, you'll get it.

Good luck with your application Silence.
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Re: Silence's application

Post by NinjaHyper »

My friend Silence

My surprised you are applying for membership

Silence knows the rules by heart and can inform any new players how to play the jailbreak and he can take care of any toxic players in the server

Cons not found :D

Good Luck Bro

Its a YES from me

Love Zapzee <3
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Re: Silence's application

Post by infectedsushi »

[Kilroy couldn’t be bothered to log in and asked me to post his answer]


You must be one of the very few candidates asking actively for ways to improve and get cons pointed out.

Most replies lack any of these though.

I realize that what has just been said, is simply out of your control and that there’s nothing you can do about it. Friends or not should be encouraged to criticize, they don’t do you any favor pretending you don’t have any con. Instead, they raise more questions than answers. As for members doing the exact same thing and not even hiding in their comment that they’re good friends with you, their contribution comes off as unprofessional, dishonest and biased. And as far as I know, members, especially those who haven’t passed their trial yet, aren’t supposed to like posts which content is insulting either.

Moreover, Dune recently created a topic in which he suggested you would be a great admin. Again, this would be considered as a pro unless it came from a person who tried –has tried- to sabotage the community. (Most likely irrelevant point but still couldn’t be omitted)

In addition, the nd jailbreak team currently has more than enough members to take care of what needs to be done and moderate (the depleting number of) players. Situations don’t seem to get out of hand nor have I seen the staffs get overwhelmed. You obviously want to join for the good reasons but is your help actually needed?

Finally, I don’t really know what to think about your approach: you seem to understand that duties account for a large part of membership. Thinking otherwise would indeed be a mistake, but you also mention you’re ready to invest sacrifice your time. I’m rather sceptical about it and wouldn’t be surprised seeing you resign in no time, however competent you may be.

I wish you good luck with your application.

The Kilroy
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Re: Silence's application

Post by Fish »

Kilroy's reply raises important questions.

I'm rather disappointed with the replies both from regulars and members. People nowadays don't seem to understand what capabilities, experience and dedication that are needed in order to be a good member. Most of the replies here only emphasise on qualities that are already expected of a player applying for member. Being friendly, a good ct, decent commanding, good English etc. are all very fundamental and minimal expected capabilities. The latter is what defines a good regular, not a member.

What I would like to put emphasis on is; what can you do, different from other regulars, to improve the community? A very simple question, yet broad. What exactly do you wish to achieve as a member? How will you do it and how are you planning to achieve it?

A few criteria I put high on my list are:

Balanced moderation (know when to moderate and when-not-to)
Dedication and effort
Creativity and critical thinking

Kilroy questions, are more members needed? Which I can confirm - members are always in demand, especially now.

I don't feel like sharing my opinion/vote regarding you before you've answered these questions. Good luck with your application :)
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