[Accepted] 2nd Time ?

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2nd Time ?

Post by Infinite »

My Application !

- Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:213407903
- NickName : Infinite
- Age : 15
- Gender : Male

- Experience Level (including any previous admin work) : I was an admin at a server at Ultra Jailbreak but the owner removed the server because of people hacking the server. Unfortunately. So i do have some knowledge of admin experience. But would love to learn more.

- Average amount of time on our servers per day : On weekdays i play 4-5 hours and on weekends if im home all day 7-9 hours.

- Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers? hmm, as a non-steamer i started playing somewhere in November 2016 and as a steamer since May 2017, I didn't make a forum account because i thought it wasn't needed, i actually only made my forum account to apply for ct but then i started to look at some of the threads which made me think that its a good place to have fun,get help and help others. Even if your bored join a event which i did. So yeah.

- Do you have a working mic? Yes.

Introduction: Alright, My name is Infinite and im 15 years old. Im originally from Bosnia but i live in the UK. I still attend secondary school and im a high standard learner. I try my best in life knowing that if i dont try hard in school my life ahead of me will be a total melt.
I have a bunch of Hobbies. Gaming : I do really like to game a lot. Its just a fun thing to do in my spare time, I played so many games on my computer like CS 1.6, CS:GO, Rise Of Reds, SWAT 4 DRK, Command and Conquer, MTA SA 1.5, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale,Fortnite and much more. Football : I like to play football its the time to take some fresh air and to rest from learning and gaming. I play at a football team Called Tusaleh. We train on a Saturday for 1 hour and play a match on a Sunday. I follow the premier league aswell, All the way Manchester City ! Learning : Im not the type of person to say "oh no i cant be bothered to revise". I know its not the best thing in the world but if i revise it will really help me with my exams and will be worth it at the end of the day. They are pretty much my hobbies, sorry to disappoint but i got nothing else, haha.

My Motivations :Since the day i started playing on nD i had a great time playing on this community. I really like everyone that plays on nD, I get along just fine with my surroundings. But there's always that one or two people that get very angry and aggressive. Its not a pleasant site. I really would like for everyone to keep the air clean and to just enjoy the dynamics of the game. Its like a poison if one player gets toxic to another then the other fires back.When that happens it ruins the atmosphere around other people making them fed up and leave. If i was to be a member i would like to control the bad behaved to make nD a better and more fun place to be. Id like to educate them rather than punishing them hard. If people make mistakes (especially cts) Id like to top them up on that they did and teach them how to do it correctly, everyone makes mistakes and im happy to be there and help them out.If a moderator is not present to look after the smooth functioning of the server so i would like to become a member, join the team and contribute my best in keeping players happy and servers full. (by the way guys my motivation is the same and will never chance).

Im experienced as i have been a member before but had to leave due to studies, now i finished them i can focus on CS more.

Thanks for listening and i hope i can have a second chance!
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Re: 2nd Time ?

Post by S.W.A.T »

Hello infinite .Kinda surprised but yeah
This year i saw you Trolling sometimes . Teamkilling . You get Mad to fast and the major point is that i cant see you moderating all server on ur own .
anyway isee some good things on u such as commanding . activity .ur english is good . u have been member before .

But my vote is a No leading to an Extend if i see u improving the next days !
Good luck
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Re: 2nd Time ?

Post by doeda »

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Re: 2nd Time ?

Post by Silence »

I've got a feeling that u're a guy who's capable to be a member, but not with the current attitude.

From what I've noticed, you are very impulsive, in lots of cases you execute way too fast instead of giving warnshots.
I can feel a bit of agression keeping inside you, as I noticed you harassing.
What's more, like SWAT mentioned before, I saw you trolling either.

linguistic knowledge

You've got some details to improve before becomming a member (again? can't say).
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Re: 2nd Time ?

Post by Kurza »

After seeing you in the server, ur behaviour changed u was member before if im not wrong ur moderation was good, u moderate people very well, u trolled a little bit but u fixed that con.

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Re: 2nd Time ?

Post by SaKraN~ »

Ok Lady Infinite :D :D So let's be Honest with you.


You Are So friendly + respect Peoples + respect Rules + You just came back and Improved every thing + Helping Peoples...

ok first let's say I never saw any cons or any mistakes on you just once , when u got mad u start harass but it's ok ur Hurt Still Clean :D
and My vote No.

Hey hey i'm joking hhhh Mr Infinite I mean Lady Infinite have Lot off Chances and ye Gl D:
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Re: 2nd Time ?

Post by J4ck »

Nice to see you applying for nd jail member :)
You are good guy and friendly, knows how to talk with ppl. You just need to moderate ppl and start work for member. Also stop trolling in the server.

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Re: 2nd Time ?

Post by KING SNEL »

Was a great member before. but after you left your member spot you kinda end up like everybody else including me, abit of a troll and zero fucks given. new people see you that as of now. change your attitude and prove them that you was a great member before and i wont see any problem that you will get member again.
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Re: 2nd Time ?

Post by Infinite »

Thanks for giving me your opinion guys. Im going to show everyone that im capable of being a member again and i wont let you guys down !
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Re: 2nd Time ?

Post by ReXor »

hello infinite habibi okay lets start with

Pros : good commander , Excellent english, active, ur old member so u have experience 2.

cons : actually no cons , haha ur perfect

and my vote is : YES <3 GOODLUCK
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Re: 2nd Time ?

Post by Freddy »


yes from me. was very good member needs to be accepted coz he is very good moderate and very helpful and very good undrstand rule. plz accept him. :shhh:
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Re: 2nd Time ?

Post by Cruxell »

Yes an all-around good candidate. All pros no neutrals no cons accept him.
The only slightly negative thing about Infinite is that a few days ago, when I asked him for cash, he got mad and proceeded to freekill me a few rounds in a row. But that's insignificant and unimportant, give him membar.
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Re: 2nd Time ?

Post by iOsama »

Yes ,u were great member before
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Re: 2nd Time ?

Post by Shadi »

QuickSilver wrote: You may only respond to an application using the following ways:



Conclusion: yes/no because **insert reason*

Short message: **example: Good luck, I hope you get it**

So to put it in words, you have to list the pros and cons, sum up the conclusion and then you may write a short good luck wish. Any replies other than the above will be deleted.


By formatting a post containing reasons and that is constructive to the topic.

Good example:
I've known you for a while and I think you have a lot of excellent traits both in personality and understanding. You're smart for your age and see stuff ways no one else does. You care for the community and it seems like no matter what happens on it and what pisses you off you come back and I think you could do well as a member. Simply because you did so for long until one screw up happened (after the big warning you got). You got a mic, you seem to use it; you're somewhat active (but typically play more than you normally do in the application time). That shouldn't be taken into account as we saw how active you were back when you were on your report spree. You also act a little nicer in your application time and started posting more (you should post a little more than you currently do though) but I guess you just took a break from nD.

I'm also gonna be honest, you can get on people's nerves from time to time and whether you don't mean it in a serious way you do randomly do stuff you shouldn't (in addition to the apparent past slips and mistakes that are known to everyone). So basically, cut down on the drama-queening/overreacting/over-dramatising on some situations. However, you're loyal and I know you'd use the powers in the right mindset so I'd like to see you have another chance, yes. If you do not get accepted, there's obviously too much weight on your past and if that's all that's gonna be taken into account then it'd be a pretty silly reason to stop your application from getting accepted.

Bad example:

This guy is awesome, please accept him. You get my yes bro, I love you!!
To be humble to superiors is duty, to equals is courtesy, to inferiors is nobility.

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Re: 2nd Time ?

Post by nomikk »

Hello Infinite nice to see you applying again , i remember you when u were a member last year u did a great job !

-Great rule knowledge
-Activity in-game
-Good english skills

-forum activity but it's not a big deal since you're very active in-game.
-Reports (try to make more reports in forum)

Conclusion: You did a great job in the past so i think you deserve a second chance so Yes from me

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