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Ultor's Application

Post by Ultor »

Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:68787646
NickName : RR | Ultor
Age : 19
Gender : Male
Experience Level (including any previous admin work) :

Being a jailbreak player, I've always wanted to explore every part of the gameplay including technical areas such as plugins, cvar knowledge and the general part consisting of amx commands, maps, and basic functions. This is why and how I became an admin countless number of times in multiple communities which enhanced my experience to a greater level. I've also gained coding skills in multiple languages including C++, C#, HTML, CSS, MVC and even Assembly language in my education. This allows me to share my knowledge with nD in all different aspects of of the community.

Average amount of time on our servers per day :

I am extremely active in-game playing mainly jailbreak, as I really enjoy playing this mod since the age of 15. I've already achieved around 290 hours on gametracker in just less than 2 months. I'm able to play atleast 3 hours a day on working days and more than 5 hours atleast on weekends.

Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers?

I've always been inspired to join nD few years ago, and I used to join few times a month, however as I had strong bonds with another community, I couldn't dedicated myself to nD. I would say that I started playing with the intention of staying around 7 months ago and I feel that I am ready to completely devote myself to nD.

Do you have a working mic? Yes

After answering these questions, please provide a brief introduction of your life (hobbies, studies etc.) as well as your motivation for helping to moderate our servers.

This is a first year student studying MEng Software Engineering at university. I've got 2 part-time jobs that provides me with fast income. Since I live around the country-side, my hobbies include climbing, abseiling, caving, camping, football, basketball, programming, and gaming!

The main reason which motivated me to apply was the fact that seeing cheaters and rule-breakers bring chaos into the server really irritates and upsets me. I want to be able to quickly and effectively deal with those particular players in order to deliver and maintain a perfect, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for all players; enjoying the remains of cs1.6 and this awesome mod that brings everyone together into this virtual prison environment!
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Re: Ultor's Application

Post by aNNeh »

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Re: Ultor's Application

Post by Baht »

joins with 2 accounts at the same time and ghosts himself. gunfeeded himself once.

besides that he is pretty good and noice, but he told me he'd play bns once with me, he didn't yet :C
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Re: Ultor's Application

Post by SenSei »

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But through whatever you see, through all the rain and the pain, you gotta keep your sense of humor,
you gotta be able to smile through all this bullshit.
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Re: Ultor's Application

Post by wodeen++ »

Hello Ultor

nice to see you applying for jail team

Pro's :
-You have the required age to apply
-Friendly guy
-Good commander
-Very helpful
-Professional player
-been here long enough and know how everything works

Con's :

-not entirely, but never saw you moderating before
-low forum activity .. i mean having 17 posts in total not that much

So Ultor you should start working on the cons mentioned cuz you know it's fixable
anyway Ultor, you got my Yes
Since you are trustworthy, and i think you will be a good additional for jail team
'regardless of the cons' .. Good luck
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Re: Ultor's Application

Post by Ultor »

Thanks for the feedback, I will make sure to improve the cons you mentioned.
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Re: Ultor's Application

Post by Nallez »

Yes from me, this guy shows excellent behaviour and he has pretty much everyone's respect. The only thing you need to work on is moderation & forum activity which can be fixed instantly.

Good luck mate.
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Re: Ultor's Application

Post by rada »

yes, friendly, cool, calm, chill, knows rules, explains rules to (non)steamers: helpful, active, mature, good commander, good english, has much respect, yes for member!
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Re: Ultor's Application

Post by Lien~ »

Most of it has been said. Don't got anything negative to say about you other than that I feel as though you're not very known. But I like you. I genuinely believe you can bring good to the team. My vote is a yes.
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Re: Ultor's Application

Post by .uNn4meD. »

Hey Ultor!

- Nice application
- Mature
- Pro player
- Friendly
- I've never seen you harrassing or even trolling.
- Good commander

- I havent seen you moderating.
- You are not too active on the forum like me. :D

I really like your style, I think you can be a good member. You are patient, helpful and you can control your emotions. Although you dont moderate too much currently (as I see), my vote is YES!
Good luck Ultor!
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Re: Ultor's Application

Post by Voropoulo »

Hey Ultor!

I haven't play a lot with you after your application but i know you for a few months and i think i can share my opinion about u. First of all, you are a friendly guy who's trying to command and he success on that. You are rules knowledge but im not sure if you know more than enough of them. For example, im not sure if you will be able to handle something unusual. To support this, I haven't see reports from you. Not so many as i want to know that you know when someone has to get punishment or not. Also, you are mature and you haven't start any serious fight which is very important. You are helpful and your English skill are very good. Last thing. Try to increase your forum activity! Im gonna vote EXTENDED for you but i believe that you can help me change my vote to yes. Good luck!
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Re: Ultor's Application

Post by Haffish »


nice guy, people who say you're not familiar with regulars are new ppl since you've been a regular for a while now so you know the rules and has full knowledge of how to moderate and being a role-model to others. gl fgt
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Re: Ultor's Application

Post by Ultor »

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated!
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Re: Ultor's Application

Post by emeNt »

support for this lad, he's a pretty feisty guy tbh
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Re: Ultor's Application

Post by bigdickjohn »

haha ultor should be member. why? okay what rhymes with ultor? bulltor exactly jaja ez pz
just accept him because the jb server is fucking dire shit and we need big men like this to fix it up
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