[Accepted] Wtf again?

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Re: Wtf again?

Post by Kwaakt »

I was already suprised that doeda didnt got his chance last time. He should at least get a trial. Ive got the feeling doeda has old images on him that are hard to get rid of.

I think you are up for it. You always had it in you but it had to come out :) I hope im right! Good luck!
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The Beard
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by The Beard »


Its pretty simple. you know the rules, you know the deal, you have the motivation, I believe you have changed and had changed on the later applications and that you no longer would be a target for the trolls which was always the reason given.

Cons, there are non.

Give this guy his trial already
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by BBM »



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Re: Wtf again?

Post by Wongerz »

Foxy|Lady wrote:Just give him a trial ffs. It's called a TRIAL for a reason, if he does shit, you can decline him after and remove his membership! This guy has more determination than anyone I've ever met in my life.
I had my doubts of you from when you left after your declined apps, but you're so fucking stubborn(in a good way) it's unreal haha! You're obviously dedicated duda, and even tho I haven't played in a long time, from what I used to know of you, you'll do a fine job. Yes!!!
I agree with this very much its not a matter of the fact he has applied so many times that you should accept him, its the fact that he is capable of doing so to do what he needs to do to become member, I had spoken over with him on steam, your rule knowledge is as up to date as it was back then and now. The con I believe you lacked was authority, which of course is very hard in terms of age etc.. but to be honest with you, motivation is what you need to overcome what you needed to do to gain the authority and you have matured a lot which is great and gaining the respect is what you have done. I have seen you now and then in-game but I am not voting on this occasion as I haven't played much, but from what you have told me you seem confident and content with this. I hope you do well doeda!
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by doeda »

I'm honestly suprised to see so many positive reactions from everyone.

This means a lot to me, I thank you all this means so much to me!
If I'm getting accepted I'll make sure not to let you guys down.

Thanks everyone!
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by R1CKY[JJ] »

Hell yeah. doeda always got my support. I see no reason to decline him again. Always been very helpfull to everyone, very well known, knows the rules inside out (always asked him when I played JB once in a while). I've said it 6 times before, and now again: YES.
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by 25142 »

I've seen you playing for a long time now, and having recently seen you play I can see you're for sure more matture, and you also moderate and know all the rules. I personally see no reason to not give you member , I think you would be a good addition to the team and think you deserve a chance.

My vote is a YES
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by Muhaha »

People said it all, You deserve this. It's a big YES from me ;)
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by Путинтебяобстрелит »

If he dosent get accepted.. Something is wrong now, he has been playing here for ages, he is mature for his age, English and more. Yes for now too.
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by Shadi »

I voted yes last time and if you are active I honestly don't see what the heck changed and I still think you should get in. If anything did change, it's that you took your last decline well.

Here are some reasons why I believe you should get it:

- Dedication (you clearly have a shitton of this and a lot of love for the community, since you stayed despite what people thought of you and kept on applying and faced opposition)
- Activity (whenever you got your computer back up and running it seems like you've been keeping your activity up quite well)
- Friendly (people like you because of your kindness, and it's a good image to have as a moderator)
- Social (you are social and try to talk to people and keep them together, keep working on this trait)
- Communication (your English is fully understandable and you should therefore be able to get your point across)
- Long-term regular (you must know the ropes and system of this community after being a regular in it for so long)
- Community consent (it seems like the community has noticed all of your pros after a while, it's good that the community would agree with you becoming member)

Here are some things you could work on but aren't crucial:

- I still feel like you don't stand out as much and mainly the people that do notice you are people that have noticed you because you have been here for so long.
- I still feel like there's some sort of lacking authority. I just can't imagine you have that sort of vibe around you that if you were to moderate me I'd be prone to listen to you properly.

Here are some things I think you should actually work on:

- Reports (I currently have no idea if you know when something should be reported or not, because I see none of your reports)
- "Good kind of forum activity" (you post a lot in friendly topics such as happy birthday ones - but I don't see you a lot in actual community discussions)

It's a yes from me Doeda, especially if you work on the "cons".
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by Ghost Shooter »

Hello mate! You remember me we was once very very good friends! I was on your birthday you remember?
Okay lets come to those things what means something for your futher here.

Good friend
Good freekiller.
sense of humor

Not a old timer like me sir!
Good english.
You dont speak finnish. I dont do it either.

So my answer will be: Yes ofcourse we are 2 true lovers!!!! A kiss from me!

hello everyone
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by Haffish »

It's a no from me, I can't see you as a member. Simple facts you're not mature enough.
just fucking kidding y'all stop fucking being shitbags, i obv agree with the rest of the fokes here, inb4 warn, shit on y'all heads and it's a fucking yes from me
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by GuuhaN »

If I compare the recent promotions with this application. You will get your membership, no doubt.
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by aNNeh »

It's not about our reputations, all up to the admin team. However, I do not see the member in you, but I don't think it's about that nowadays.. it would still be fair if you at least got a trial.

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Re: Wtf again?

Post by doeda »

Thanks for being honest, everyone.

Appreciate it!
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