[Accepted] Wtf again?

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Wtf again?

Post by doeda »

First of all, please don't think I'm doing this to joke around or anything, I think it's the right time to apply right now I'm ready for this.

- Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:67003304

- NickName : doeda

- Age : 16 turning 17 in March.

- Gender : Male

- Experience Level (including any previous admin work) : Not much experience. But I learned a lot by watching members and I guess it pretty much comes with the membership.

- Average amount of time on our servers per day : 2-4 hours sometimes more, really differs from day to day. but mostly in the afternoon.

- Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers? :
I think around october 2012 (on other steam account as PFM* naruto)

- Do you have a working mic? :
Yes i do.

- After answering these questions, please provide a brief introduction of your life (hobbies, studies etc.) as well as your motivation for helping to moderate our servers.:

My life : I'm just an 16 year old boy, who still goes to school (year 11 now). I like to talk a lot, wether in chat or voice communication I like to communicate with people you could say I'm very social. I study the subject commerce and economics. I like having friends I have met a lot of good and funny friends here in nD. I live in Belgium with my mother and I have 4 brothers and 1 sister. 4 Brothers of mine live on themselves (1 is married and rest live on their own). I like to play (Football, counter-strike, and to be on my phone). With my friends I like to hang out with on fridays and saturdays we go a lot to the cinema or go somewhere far to play football and play against other people.

My motivation to moderate the servers : My motivation is the same as everyone's motivation to keep the servers clean from rulebreakers to hackers and teamkillers/freekillers. I try to moderate as much as I can and have made some reports as well (some where succesfull some weren't) I also call members a lot who are in my friendslists when something happens on the server I am mostly online at evening/night they tend to rulebreak a lot at night wich makes them kinda "unseen". I've seen so many people abusing the rules from top to bottom and then you feel like you can't do anything at that specific moment,(sure you can do a lot without powers). As mentioned before I call a lot of members when something happens but still they can't come everytime. I want to moderate the server, punish rulebreakers, help out newbies and be there for them. I am currently rank 4 on the server this kinda also shows my activity.I also want to thank all the people who replied on my previous applications, you guys helped me by mentioning my pro's and cons. I have tried my best to work them away as fine as possible.

My last application: http://www.neondragon.net/viewtopic.php ... 36#p447036

What has changed between this and my last application? Well I'll have to be honest with you, not a lot has changed I've only edited so little. This means I think I'm almost the same as before and I've only worked on my cons and maybe left some of my pro's behind. I've worked on my commanding skills and am a OK commander, atleast that's what I think :P. I worked on moderating more fluently, wether it be voicechat or the normal chat I am ready for this.

Here's a link to my achievements, I've completed them all and they are earned with blood sweat and tears :lol: for me this means my dedication towards the server! -> http://public.neondragon.net/toplist/pr ... 1:67003304

Thanks for reading my application! feel free to reply and ask me any question!
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by Sloth »

This is like the 8th time you have applied or somethin and it clearly shows that you are motivated, i can not see any reason why you shouldnt get accepted cuz honestly you are one of the few I can see as a guy that would stay with this community until it dies. And seriosuly if you decline him again then ur just takin the piss

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Re: Wtf again?

Post by dashqwedsakijdwqild »

Know Rules
Good Commander
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by Z!kooo »


Nice guy
Good commander
Knows the rules
Moderates at times

Good Luck Zakaria ;)
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by Nallez »

Give this guy a trial already.

He is active, a long time regular, he has tried countless of times, has always improved and I've never seen him harm anyone in any way.
Absolutely a yes from me mate!
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by Rawrzx »

I saw u commandig today in JB , You was pretty cool guy and fun to have you in server , I would say a big YES for you GL !! :)
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by aNNeh »

Yes from me, he's a good boy and at least deserves a trial now.

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Re: Wtf again?

Post by Baht »

Du e da, funny guy, distinctive and easily memorisable voice. Is funny, knows the rules has applied so often got declined so often as well - yet never lost hope and reapplied. Playtime far higher than plenty of the current members/admins' playtime.
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by Lien~ »

You have changed a lot , and even though I've not been super active.. I feel as though I have gotten to know you better. You are a good guy. I don't see any harm coming from you. So no real cons either. The rest has been said by the people above me. You have my yes.

Good luck with your application.
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by QuErza! »

How many times did i vote yes.. and it still doesnt change

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Re: Wtf again?

Post by stickysteez »

Hi doeda, good to see you apply.

I think you could become a good member with some assistance from the current members.

No cons from my side, a big yes from me. Just one advice, make sure you know all the rules and fully understand them (it's not a con if you don't understand a specific rule, just ask around), there are some regulars who will test you and it won't be easy the first weeks (if you get accepted).

Good luck m8, feel free to PM me if you got any questions.
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by Flath »

StickySteez wrote:Hi doeda, good to see you apply.

I think you could become a good member with some assistance from the current members.

No cons from my side, a big yes from me. Just one advice, make sure you know all the rules and fully understand them (it's not a con if you don't understand a specific rule, just ask around), there are some regulars who will test you and it won't be easy the first weeks (if you get accepted).

Good luck m8, feel free to PM me if you got any questions.
I dare to say his rule knowledge is better than mine, this shouldn't be an issue for him.
As far as i'm concerned, i don't know what you lack dooda in order to become a member so good luck i guess ?

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Re: Wtf again?

Post by k1ngfoxxy »

Just give him a trial ffs. It's called a TRIAL for a reason, if he does shit, you can decline him after and remove his membership! This guy has more determination than anyone I've ever met in my life.
I had my doubts of you from when you left after your declined apps, but you're so fucking stubborn(in a good way) it's unreal haha! You're obviously dedicated duda, and even tho I haven't played in a long time, from what I used to know of you, you'll do a fine job. Yes!!!
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by Veghan »

Hello there Doeda,

Since your last applications you changed a lot (in a good way). You became mature, more friendly and even know how to control a full server now these days. I really like it that you step up if no wants to command or when something happens/happend. I don't see a really negative thing at the moment why you shouldn't get it. You're really member material and you can be a good one.

* You command decent -> good rounds
* You're active on the server(s)
* Maybe not that active on the forums or i just miss it.
* You help people out when you can even though i think you can improve at it.
* You're rule knowledge is better then Flath for sure! (i double dared you Flath ;) ) No but serieus you know the rules quite well , i'm pretty sure you do know almost every rule.

On the other thing.. Like Stickyz said, i'm pretty sure they will test you when you might become member with all kinds of stupid questions and other shizzle. Just keep doing like you are doing now and leave the trolls behind you. It's a Yes from me, goodluck Doeda.
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Re: Wtf again?

Post by Sarah »

You actually started applying when I was sill playing, and I have to give you all the cred in the world for not giving up.
And I always thought you could be a good member, and considering all the shitty people that get accepted I'm really suprised you haven't been taken up ( no Im not saying you are shitty xD )
I have told you before that I thought you should apply and I really hope that this time around you get accepted.
Yes :) and good luck!
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