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.Cell.'s Application

Post by .Cell. »

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:50403661


Age: 19.

Gender: Female.

Experience level (including any previous admin work):
I was previously a Jail member in 2014 so I am aware of the rules regarding the server. I know how the menu works and I am completely aware of how the moderation guide which is meant to be followed. So I will not misuse my powers.

I have had some experience with moderation in 2009-2012 in a community called WorldCall. Practically I was in-charge of maintaining the server's environment (mainly peacefulness) by limiting the abusive language usage when it has crossed the line and cheaters. We had 7 servers which needed moderation and we were around 5 main moderators and had people who would contact us instead of the admins. Our job was to handle the situation as much as possible and if things went out of hand, we were to pm one of the admins, whoever was online. As moderators we did not have any sort of powers. We had to use just simple words to keep the server calm. Which did work most of the times. But, my experience level includes able to use the power of speech to keep things calm instead of acting belligerent and messaging up the admins for no reason whatsoever when things can be sorted out in game easily. Sadly, we did not have a forum system like neonDragon has here. I was offered an admin position but I put it down as I felt like I was not experienced enough to handle the commands due to the fact I was quite young so I remained a moderator till the ending of 2012.

In the period of time when I was a moderator I had a chance to use some amx commands on the servers for vote kick, vote bans, vote maps (kind of like what the vips do with their menus to vote on nD) which could not be cancelled unless people knew the command for it. Eventually, the commands for the above mentioned votes were leaked out by one of the moderators and the situation on the servers began to go out of hand when we were not around. So, the admins restricted the usage of the amx commands to just vote maps. The uncancellable vote map command was given to us later which we were strictly not allowed to leak out.

Average amount of time on our servers per day: It can vary from 2-5 hours a day. Depends whether I am free or if I am playing a different game with some friends.

Approximately, when did you start playing on our servers?: Around the ending of February and beginning of March 2013. Started out playing on the zombie server until I moved over to jailbreak around April/May 2013 (same year). I joined the forums a little later after I played on the servers.

Do you have a working mic?: Yes, I do have a working mic.

After answering these questions, please provide a brief introduction of your life (hobbies, studies etc.) as well as your motivations for helping to moderate our servers: Firstly, I'm going to start off with my name is Sheryl. I moved to the UK 2 years ago for various reasons. One of them is because my country is not a peaceful place to live in anymore. Back home, my favourite sport was netball and the team I played with won various tournaments. I am mostly a person who really likes technology. My part time hobbies are playing video games with close friends who I have grown close to because of the nD community and drawing, which depends on if I have the motivation and determination to complete. I am currently in college doing my first year in BTEC ICT and I will be pursuing my dream to be a network technician from here.

As for the motivations in helping out the servers. I am interested in stopping the rule breakers as some of them refuse to understand the power of speech when they are communicated with. I have however made reports for some circumstances. But other circumstances do not require a report, they require action in game to be resolved. At the same time I feel some actions should not go unseen.

I do want to improve jailbreak's game play as to what I have seen in the past month. One of them was to continue the school Andy set up. Since I feel like it helped a lot of us back then last year. I feel like I can bring a change as a member instead of an ordinary person if I am given the chance. To add, I will not be biased if a friend of mine broke the rules because people who know me, know that I do not like rules being broken no matter who the person may be.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Lien~ »

There is not much I can say other than that I was very pleased to have been told by you you were thinking of re-applying. You've always been an outstanding member, who treated people equally and fairly. I have never seen you harass or hurt anyone. You know all the rules, you're English is great and you've been a member before so you know the ropes of it all. You're fairly active and I believe that will only get more once you're able to help out more too. You're liked, and I genuinely believe that having you back in the team would do us a lot of good. Truth be told, I don't have anything bad to say about you and I am looking forward to seeing you back in the team! My vote is a clear yes.
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Kadaver »

Hi there cell glad to see u re-applying for the nD* Jail team.
I'm going to post my pro's Neuts and cons below :)

- Realy nice application.
- Good english.
- Have the required age to apply.
- Have been member before.
- Have a mic.


- Tho i didn't play alot on the jailbreak server, but when I used to play alot I never saw you there alot, only hopping by for a couple minutes.
- When u used to be part on the nD team, u had more time for other games then playing JB instead, Ill hope u won't make that mistake again.

- Can't realy think about a con atm.

Dear cell, like I already said I'm glad to see ur re-apply for the team, u will take care and moderate the server good.

Nothing against all the other members "But basicly Ill like to see an active player become a member" because all the other members that are part of the nD team, mostly playing like other games now days, so I'm realy glad to see you back Cell. . !

So u got my vote to become a member ! YES

Good luck Cell !

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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by bis »

Disappointed in the last sentence in your application as it is a complete lie.
I do want to improve jailbreak's game play as to what I have seen in the past month. One of them was to continue the school Andy set up. Since I feel like it helped a lot of us back then last year. I feel like I can bring a change as a member instead of an ordinary person if I am given the chance. To add, I will not be biased if a friend of mine broke the rules because people who know me, know that I do not like rules being broken no matter who the person may be.
You showed pure dedication before your original application when you helped participate in Andy's commanding school. You promised to help out more once you were member and you simply didn't. A week or two of lessons had actually been done by you which is fine but afterwards you just left it completely. You put it down to events in real life even though I saw you playing LoL and being on TS daily. You lost all dedication for nD once you became a member, it was apparent to everyone including admins I spoke to myself. Your activity in game was minimal and the impact you had in game was becoming less and less. I don't see you as the same player in-game as I used to, before your original application you were enforcing rules and helping players, now all I see is a normal player. I don't see any attempt at helping the community whatsoever.

Another example;
I feel like I can bring a change as a member instead of an ordinary person if I am given the chance.
As i've already said above, you are an ordinary person. The playerbase of nD today isn't the same as it used to be. Most of them didn't know you as a member and won't treat you with the same mentality as say a current member they know. I would also like to comment on the last part, why aren't you beginning to bring a change to the server/community now instead of AFTER your membership is accepted? What can you do with powers that you cant without? This really tells me you aren't fully dedicated to the position if you aren't ready to make changes now.

Putting this aside, you'll most likely be accepted due to your ties to multiple admins and the apparent good impression you made once you were a previous member, however I feel ever since your absence not much has changed. I don't see any exceptional effort in terms of activity or events or commanding or anything different that you did last time to make a significant impact on the community when relating back to your 'change as a member' point.

Clearly from this reply my vote would be a no, I feel that nothing has changed from the period of you leaving until now and I don't see any effort put in to show your dedication to stop rule breakers or abusers in the server.
Just to say this isn't a personal jab, just my opinion on what I have seen from the past couple months from you.
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Shadi »

I recall your motivation gradually and rapidly dropping last time and it was apparent really fast. I have nothing against the active and interacting you - but which you can we expect to see if you get accepted. Yes or no answers are boring, so if it is a yes - how come, what has changed since the last time that motivates you to come back and be the engaging you? What's different this time?
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Lucius »

Yes please, due to did a really good job back then as a member.
Yours sincerely, Lucius
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by doeda »

I would feel comfortable with Cell as a member again, while she was a member i liked her moderation style worked out good for everyone only thing that concerns me is her activity as a member. But that was mainly for school. So it's gonna be a yes from my side !

Goodluck Cell!
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Pr0Gr4mm4 »

OMG CELLL :dance:

You're known by this community always friendly and helpfull.
You bring a good atmosphere in the server.
You enjoy playing on the server.
I have nothing bad to say about you.

you're my botlane buddy :trollface: you got my vote :clap:
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by .Cell. »

@Shadi: I mentioned it dropped because I was torn apart from living two lives with little time for one of them and it left me unbalanced hence gradually lose motivation for one of them. What has changed since last time I was accepted and why should I be member, why have I decided to walk this path again? It's simple but not simple at the same time. I have the time to split up equally. I have seen regular players come to me asking for help with in game related issues and I feel the best I can do is stand by watch it happen and hope a report can fix it up. However as I've said on the application there are always cases in game which are too small to make a report on but at the same time left unseen. I felt like I've engaged with everyone more than I did in the past. If I'm accepted I am sure to improve the environment and play a part in the team again.

To the rest thank you for the feed backs. I highly appreciate everyone's opinion about the application.
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Wongerz »

I don't really play anymore but when I did back then I did like your style of moderating it was disciplined well and to be honest with you I don't have enough knowledge to give you a vote so I will leave it as a blank but I wish good luck anyway.
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Modz »

Yes yes yes

You're active, friendly, helpful, good commander
Can't think of any cons

Sorry I can't type more than that cause I don't play on nd anymore
Good luck.
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Thierry Henry »

Welcome back to the team, inb4: called it.
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by RaBBit? »

When I first started playing you were the first person to get on my "friends list" in steam.
This is'nt a post about me and you being friends, however about how helpfull you were to me and helped me with rules and everything regarding JB.
As far as i seen you have the respect of the other players, old and new.
So most things are already said, just wanted to point out that you are also a very helpfull player.

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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Rumey_ »

Hi Cell!
I don't actually know you but you seem like a nice, funny, helpful, friendly and respected player. I saw you playing lots of times and everyone seems to like you. You bring joy to the server. Have never seen you harass, and you're always friendly as you have to be! I would've wrote it with pro's and cons but you only have pro's so this is better. You have my vote! Goodluck on your application! :)
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Re: .Cell.'s Application

Post by Haffish »

First of all, I'm pretty sure you'll get accepted, I can motivate why, Each time I have seen you in the jailbreak server I have always seen you having fun with regular players and aswell as helping new players. I think a good member should be able to have fun with all the players in-game and when it comes to serious things you should be able to be strict and solve it maturely, I wasn't active at the servers at the time you were a member but I can tell by the way you behave and duplicate in the servers you must've done good, I'm not very active at the forums but you got my first vote in the whole forums and its a Yes!
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