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Re: SiX's application

Post by LicioUs »

I really think SIX. would became an great member, he commands very well and he has the knowledge of the rules really well.

i think he would became an great member

SO?? do we want him for member ?

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Re: SiX's application

Post by Perry »

I've known SiX since i began playing in nD's JB server. He is a great guy who is very mature for his age, he is friendly and respectful towards everyone.
Besides he is also respected by the majority of the players on the servers so i think he will be a great member and addition to the JB team. After a couple of applications he has done you can clearly see that he is motivated and really wants this. I think he deserves this chance!

* Mature
* Age
*Rule Knowledge
* Respectful
* Been around for a long time
* Commanding Skills¨
* English

* None

Conclusion: You deserve this and i think you will fit in well in the team. My vote will be YES. GL!
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Re: SiX's application

Post by Queijo da Serra »

Jamairo wrote:why posting double?
and this is a member apply not admin.
Why posting it here ? You can always PM him.

As for my vote;


- Your english is good.
- Nice application.
- You are active.
- You know the rules.
- You are friendly.
- You are mature(never saw you rage).
- You help out when it's needed.


- Age.
- Forum activity.
- You don't report that often.


- None.


I'll give you a yes and surely you will get the membership position, future SiX.
Good luck!
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Re: SiX's application

Post by ivanici »

- English good
- Very nice application
- Active both in game and forums
- You know the rules well
- Friendly
- Mature
- Fun to play with
- Mic
- You help new people on the server as i can see
- Good Commander
- Old player that i know
- Got Respect

- Not so manny reports that i can see

- Nothing

You got my vote and i hope that you will get accepted to the team good luck :)
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Re: SiX's application

Post by Benzku- »

Knows rules
Trying alot, done many applications which shows you really want this

You do get much proof of nearly everyone you see doing something that is forbidden by the rules, but you dont report them so much :o


wtf is this..

Six would be a great member in nD, and he's got my vote! ;)
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JoKeR ;)
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Re: SiX's application

Post by JoKeR ;) »

Pro: Active, Mature, Helpful, Rule knowledge, Friendly, Commands good. Neutral: age. Con: None I can think of Conclusion: yes
Bro i hope you get MEMBER! So Good luck!
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Re: SiX's application

Post by Karn »

I think you would fit fine in the members team as I told you in private , you asked me for advices , gave em to you and you did a very good job applying them , when I quit , there was only one thing worrying me , which is you panicking in several situations and lacking a little bit of self confidence , I'd like you to be more confident from now on , take over in situations with imposing your personality , and knowing how to balance between situations where you should act gently , and others when you should react with seriousness , that way you'll gain the admin team votes easily ; and the community's respect and trust since you got pretty much all that a member needs !
Anyways I wish you good luck with your application , and I hope you do a good job if you get accepted :P
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Re: SiX's application

Post by ChillerBiller »

-Very active
-Friendly and relaxed guy
-Good english
-Good knowlegde about the rules
-Many houres in JB
-Good Mic

-He's from finnland :naughty:
hehe, i'm joking; sixpacker you know i'm behind you and i can remember years
ago when we both were noobies and only doing bullshit on JB :lol:,
from me BIG YES
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Re: SiX's application

Post by Coby »

Sup six! You're a really kind lad and you're always calm and cheerful, so I was glad to see you apply just like we discused :)
So I'll just list the usuall I guess.


-well known
-been here for ages
-good commander, you makes jb more fun
-treats everyone with respect
-your rule knowledge is good
-english is great


-forum activity


-Unsure if you will be able to hold your head cool when the server heats up and you're on your own

Yes, you derserve this!
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Re: SiX's application

Post by kamer »

-good commander, six the best commander[/color]
hello six hhh iwish six member six the best player am play to much and know this man is gooooooooood
so yesssssssssssssss for me
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Re: SiX's application

Post by B.K »

Hello SiX, I haven't played much lately, and I know you'd like my reply/response since you've written to me a few times.
Therefor I'll spend a few minutes thinking of how to reply in a respective and constructive way.
I'll just write some pros, neutrals and cons and at the end sum it up with a conclusion.


- You're an active regular
- You're well aware with the rules most common rules
- Your english skills are good
- You have a working mic and commands when needed (?)
- You have a decent informing application


- I'm not sure whether you know the most detailed and small rules which may have a huge effect to the gameplay
- You're not helping out the mest (Try to help people more, I see you help out, but I'm sure you can do a much better job!)
- You're not moderating that much (Try to moderate more, so we members/admins can see if you have what it takes to moderate a server)
- I'm not sure whether you'll be able to handle a full server by yourself. Things might come too harsh and the punisment given might be too loosen/harsh.


- Maturity; It's not the best neither the worst. You should work on your small raging moments. If it doesn't go as you wish, you tend to rage sometimes.
- Your commanding is a bit, dunno how to describe it. But as Lien mentioned, try to take a breathe sometimes. Because when you command, it sounds like you're breathing through your mic. I would also like it very much, if you sounded more optimistic/happier when commanding, it makes the gameplay more fun!
- Your forum activity could be boosted up much more. Try to visit the forums daily and post in different sections in order to get into the forum life, and not only the server life.
- The last time you applied and got declined, you wen't inactive for a long while and then came back. You lost motivation. Will this happen again if you get declined once more, or will you step up even more and really go for it?


You're a cool guy, active and friendly. You seem to care about the community a lot since you show dedication by making this application, but also by playing daily in the Jailbreak server. You've improved a lot since your last application and even since you joined the server from day one! (I REMEMBER :lol:)
Though there's still at some areas you could improve to really get this working and be accepted. I'd love to see you moderate even more and help out newcomers/people having troubles. If people start getting to you, just be the bigger man and ignore them instead of starting a fight and possible ending in a really bad position that you'll probably regret. Your forum activity could be boosted more, as others also mentioned. I'll vote blank, but don't think that I've given you up or anything because I think that you have what it takes. I would just like to see it, show some more dedication and give it a kick! Only you can change our thoughts and minds, therefor take it to another level and stay there. Only you, can decide the outcome. But good luck with your application and see you in-game ;)
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Re: SiX's application

Post by SiX »

Thanks everyone for your votes.

I'll do my best to boost my moderating in game. I'll try to help out even more than i do right now any time someone got a question but when it comes to minor rulebreaking which happens everyone once in a while I don't find it necessary to moderate that spotted thing, more the looping or huger incidents.

Since some of you've been mentioned my forum activity, I do browse the forum several times a day but I don't find it needed to post on everything there.

If what 2 of you who've pointed out that i use my mic as a breath mask is true, I'll try to work on it.
It isn't really a thing I think of, but something which just happens.

Also with the more optimistic part while commanding, It's a thing pleasing me, a thing I really like to do.
I don't get how you felt I'm not so optimistic while commanding, maybe it's my mic or voice, I don't know.

Also, if I get declined I won't give up, I'll apply again later!
I left last time for one month due to several reasons, not only the motivation.

Thanks once again for your votes.
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Re: SiX's application

Post by sixon »

I vote Yes
Helping to everybody
Know the rules
Good English
No cons
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Re: SiX's application

Post by Styx »

Hello SiX.!

I have told you that I would answer to your application later, and now is later.
To start with, you are a great guy, who can handle criticism, and you take most of my jokes :lol:. You command often, but when I don't see you command, I barely notice you, either because you do not make many mistakes as a CT or because you simply avoid going into trouble by not daring to kill/warn someone, even though I think you got enough confidence to make the kill.

And now let's go over to the Pro's and Con's!


- You command very often, and in addition you command very decent.

- Activity ingame.

- Rule knowledge. You almost know every rule in the "book". Except when I saw you today, giving a green light for a new HnS after going "searching", even though I understand the decision.

- English, you speak great English, and you understand it.

- I think you got what it takes to handle a server, even with a lot of trollers.

- Dedication, are you even playing on other servers?


- Forum activity, as I understand that you read the forums daily, but you aren't posting bullshit everywhere just to raise your post count.


As you can see, I haven't written any con's to you, basically because I don't see you having any con's at the moment.

I support you SiX., you get my vote.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great.
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Re: SiX's application

Post by puiesheu »

-He knows the rules.
-Good as a commander.



We can give him a chance,nobody is perfect.He is playing here daily,3-5 hours and he knows the rules very well.Good luck.

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