[Accepted] SultaN's Application Edition #192

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Re: SultaN's Application Edition #192

Post by emilitoo »

You have rejoined so many timeeees man that's why i think this apply will declined.

But you're cool man, you have been around here almost as long as me
I will give you a yes
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Re: SultaN's Application Edition #192

Post by Toon »

Are u even playing?
nice members
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Re: SultaN's Application Edition #192

Post by Shadi »

Yo, Sultan.

You're a weird one to write an elaborated verdict of. But worth giving a shot, the admin meeting is just around the corner so it's time for me to write.

You have been here so far as I remember and your arrival to this community is even sooner than I discovered these communities, such as nD, #Stabbers and mY.RuN; a lot has happened since your arrival. You have been very active, you have acted both mature and immature. When you want it you are competent enough to be a member, even enough to have been one of my predecessors when it comes to forum moderating. Problem is, your maturity depends on your current motivation. The last time you got member, prior to your application you did a very good job. I'd like to see that from you again. As of this moment, you're not really showing it.

You claim to play at least 30 minutes a day;
but the stats here are not coherent. We're currently discussing whether jail members shouldn't be more active than they are now as a minimum requirement. It's currently 20 minutes a day to be regarded active. Suggestion was to raise it to 1 hour with approx 1-2 days off meaning 5 hours a week. It might be a bit harsh to request if you're busy with school etc. But to be fair, look at the amount of applicants we have at the amount of applicants we have atm not to mention the amount of current (active) jail members. If you have to be chosen, you have to somehow stand out of the crowd. These days on the server you barely moderate from what I have seen and you play for fun you really do wanna work on this.

Last time I don't remember you leaving but you had some problems and you were unable to connect from what I understood. So imo, in order to impress the admins and make them believe in one more chance for you; step up the game to at least how you were the last time you applied and I'm sure the admins will have an easier time considering you. You have it inside you when you want. It feels quite fake when you suddenly turn into that aggressive character when you don't have a status to maintain and you seem to only show your member material when you need to. When you're not a member or not wanting member you typically treat (younger) players poorly and they are kinda the pillar of jailbreak (and seems like it also happens while you are?). Scaring them away is no good for any of us.

Let's hope this application is extended so we all, regulars, members and admins get to see more from you. One month is good in order to change views.
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Re: SultaN's Application Edition #192

Post by Jellow »

SultaN wrote: Everybody knows that if you have cons you should fix them.
I'm fixing it by responding on things that aren't really true.
So you are saying you fix your cons by contradicting any con that is given to you?
SultaN wrote:Just make sure they aren't lies (such as saying I can't handle jokes. Dafuq?)
I told you don't quit your dayjob and you told me to go suck a dick and cried to east clubber i was harassing you.
What part of that is you taking a joke in a good way?
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Re: SultaN's Application Edition #192

Post by dArra;] »

I can agree whit most of responds. I dont know you that well but you seems like a very immature person who cant handle the job. Your posts on topics are sometimes really harsh if you are not responding to your friends. Also your ingame activity is really bad, i see you maybe once per week (sometimes not even that) on the servers.

Anyway i can be wrong so I hope this will be extended, so you can show us what kind of person you are.

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Re: SultaN's Application Edition #192

Post by Dangan »

I don't get most of the comments, never really watched / saw the side others are mentioning.
I have seen some inappropriate comments, but not lately actually. I can see few con's as what others have listed like being rude, but
that's the thing you have to work on for the past weeks and hopefully you will stay longer, if you get accepted.
Can't say much about activity, because I'm not all that active myself.

I see you having good chances, if you improve upon some things. Good luck Sultan!
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Re: SultaN's Application Edition #192

Post by Xaturi »

@Shadi, thanks for your extensive reply. You are right about everything.
I remember now why I left/got kicked the last time. It was because my computer and laptop were taken away from me.
That took about 4 months for me to get back and play again.

You are telling me that I should moderate more. I am doing this as much as needed. But responding to everyones problem would make me come over like 'Somebody who is really trying hard to become member'.

@Darra, I have been member twice and have been able to handle the job very good. I like to have fun in the server aswell as be serious about other parts. Noone wants to see a dictator ordering everyone to do stuff.

@Jellow, again. Saying "Dont ever quit your dayjob" at a moment where you know that we both dont like eachother just means that you are provoking me. And that wasn't the only time you provoked me. Remember when me and laprot were talking and you just randomly said "Don't worry laprot, he left the community". At these situations there was nothing I said against you and you just randomly shouted this out. I had already reported you to East for this and for slapping me with VIP. This was the last time I didn't say anything and said to go eat a dick, and once again reported you to East for provoking me.

@Darra, Thanks :D
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Re: SultaN's Application Edition #192

Post by Spato »

Complicated case since you've left 2 times already and now want to get back in, raises a question on how long you will be motivated to play this time. But you have done alot for the community and I know you care much about it as you mention, though you can be a bit condescending quite often when speaking here on the forum. Regardin your in-game behaviour, you often command etc and that's good. You're also experienced and I'm sure you can do a good job. I don't think we will handle this application in the upcoming admin meeting since it's close uppon so you got about a month to prove your worth to the doubters but I'm leaning towards giving you a yes.

Good luck!
AIK <3
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Re: SultaN's Application Edition #192

Post by Thierry Henry »

Hey Sultan!


* Able to Command
* Understandable English
* Rule Knowledge
* Regular
* Known by lots


* Behavior
* Helping out


* Past
* Activity

Yes, I've posted lots of Pro's, Tho. this doesn't mean that I will give you a yes, You've had a past that was fucked as hell.
I really had offense against you in the past, But the way I feel about that now it's over.
And also, please stop that Voice-Changer, It's annoying as hell.
I will give you a blank.
"Donkey by L.F. Donkey" -mR#KaitoKid
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Re: SultaN's Application Edition #192

Post by Xaturi »

@Spato, fair enough.
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Re: SultaN's Application Edition #192

Post by Waschera »

Sultan you have been in this community for as long as i can remember.
I would give you a yes right away if it this was your last application.
You have all the qualities necesarry to get a third membership
But, I have seen a different side off you these last few moths,
and you have gone from being a really nice guy to become an asshole to many of the people in this community.
The way you act towards many of the "kids" is not member worthy.
I will give you a blank atm to see if you can change until the next admin meeting.
If you can do so, you will have my YES, if not then you know what my answear will be.
"If one man can create so much hate, imagine all the love we can create together!"

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Re: SultaN's Application Edition #192

Post by xReii^ »

Ohh so your Art-I-Choke , i always wondered since i came back who the f*ck was that guy seeing i never saw him when he arrived , to when i left :lol:
I hope you came back with some chill mood this time, seeing you what you did in the past i can tell you got what it takes and more. I have seen you around again ur back to being active , past is past , you got member material, you know what to do , i think you were the first event holder with 40+ people? I'm not sure? Think so. I won't say anything else cause this is a jail apply am im not 100% in jail so i can't vote , dude go get it man! Good luck =)
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Re: SultaN's Application Edition #192

Post by uhu »

Your application has been Extended.

As you just posted your application we will delay the outcome to the next month. Try your best and show you deserve to be a nD* Jail moderator.

Good luck!
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Re: SultaN's Application Edition #192

Post by Lien~ »

Time to step up Sultan. You know what we've been talking about. I will give my clear vote later as I am willing to wait and see if you can change.
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Re: [Extended] SultaN's Application Edition #192

Post by Macho Man »


Old Playah

Mature (Sometimes your a Douchbag )
Rule Knowledge


Conglusion : wanna know why i put Active in Con's cuz i never see you online in the Jb server and im always there , but you are there sometimes you are there but not so often

And i dont think you are ready to become a member yet

So its Blank rigth now but. I just want to see you in a Closer look

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